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Find Journalist, Attract Press Coverage and Grow Your Startup. Since 2014, Pressfarm has existed to help startups and existing businesses achieve their PR goals. Over the last 6 years, they have helped companies in various niches from Tech to Fashion, Blockchain, eCommerce, Crowdfunding, Mobile Apps, Law, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Startup conferences. 

Regardless of what business, product, or service a company is trying to implement, public relations matters because it doesn’t matter how much effort it is to start the business if no one knows about it. 

Named one of the 10 Best PR Agency Tools by Postfunnel and ranked #1, Pressfarm is one of those agencies and tools that have helped multiple companies craft, test, generate, distribute, and monitor their own public relations. 

Their team of PR professionals and writers are there every step of the way to make an idea that a company has in their head and make it into a reality. They understand that trying to find the right media outlet for a business can seem like a daunting task so they help companies create personalized press releases, media kits, and email pitches so that they can stand out from the crowd and get the attention of media outlets and their target audience. 

For them, having effective press coverage means that the company presents a story that excites and engages their readers, the message needs to inspire positive action and the story is something that they can relate or aspire to, and finally the distribution plan needs to reach the readers on various channels. 

When people access the Pressfarm website, they will not only see the different packages that they have for every company ranging from startups to existing businesses, but they will also see the different resources that they can use to create their own content. They can also chat with the team if there are any questions that they might have about anything related to PR in any niche. 

However, if companies are worried that they may not be able to create unique and creative content that will attract media outlets, they can always get the team to help them by signing up for the packages as mentioned above. 

The Starter package, at $90, is the perfect start for small businesses that are looking for the fundamentals to take their communications to the next level. The Launch package, at $180, is ideal for growing companies to increase press coverage, improve effectiveness and personal communication with the media. Finally, The Campaign package, at $480, is perfect for already existing business to gain full control of their brand and stay consistent across the globe. Each package contains basically the same components with just a few added bonuses like additional content, additional PR contacts per month from the database, and additional startup submissions to improve SEO and gain exposure depending on which package companies decide to go for. The more companies are willing to spend, the more additions they will receive. 

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They pride themselves on taking a personal and individual approach when it comes to pitching to media contacts. When you find out about this, you remember the popular online games on this topic. Not only do they create the content, but they will also help pitch the campaign. They understand that nothing in PR is guaranteed and that timing, location, and newsworthiness are all important factors to consider that can either help or hinder the media relations campaign. Which is why, rather than mass mail-merge blasts, they create personal and individual pitches to each media outlet. While it may seem quite time-consuming, it ensures a higher success rate.

For people that are skeptical about hiring a PR agency or outsourcing tasks to another person, they should check out their Customer Success Stories to see whether what Pressfarm is doing fits into what they want done with their company. 

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