Prospects in Aerospace Industry Clusters Mexico

Right from the fuselage to landing tool and almost everything amidst, Mexico has become a whole producer of aerospace gear. As per the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry, Mexico is one of the biggest aerospace producing countries in the world and has plans to lead the world in aerospace exports. Seeing the growth of the sector, it is a guaranteed claim. In 2019, the industry progressed to include 260 firms exporting components worth $1.3 billion. Most of the development is the result of foreign direct investment from France, Canada, and the US.

Though the development is quick, it wasn’t unpredictable. Investors have come to the areas where aerospace pioneers have set infrastructure, such as training, processing and incentivized the growth of industrial clusters. With expansion in its production, it has got more advanced. Right from the manufacturing of small gear and wiring harnesses, today Mexico manufactures drones, aero assemblies, and airframes. By acknowledging this development, manufacturers have been able to build upon this amazing opportunity available in the aerospace industry in Mexico.

Aerospace manufacturing clusters in Mexico

Usually, the Mexican aerospace industry players are concentrated in these five clusters given below. Each of the areas has become famous for its particular activity.

  1. Sonora’s Aerospace Cluster has an enormous supply chain that aids the rest of the nation’s actions in this area. It is famous for precision aerospace machining and turbine blade and engine parts manufacturing. Companies in Sonora Aerospace are Paradign Precision, Walbar, BAE Systems, and G.S. Precision.
  2. Baja California producers concentrate on electrical parts, fuselage components, landing gear, and other random aerospace mechanisms. It is the biggest aerospace cluster with more than 110 companies. It has some of the longest known investors of the industry such as Collins Aerospace that is known to produce airline communications and other parts. Tijuana is the center for innovation and design for aircraft.
  3. Chihuahua aerospace producers are professional in assembling the aircraft components and its repair and maintenance. It is also famous for producing parts like rafts, seats, harnesses, and slides. It abodes five OEMs including Beechcraft and Cessna, Safran, and Textron Aviation.
  4. Nuevo Leon is known for critical research and development in the applications of aerospace and supply chain enhancements. It has the assistance of Monterrey Aerocluster and has grown as a pioneer in aerospace design and production. The major manufacturing includes turbine parts, metal fabrication, inspection testing, and repair and maintenance.
  5. Queretaro has grown as a major city for aerospace investment globally and rules in the field of landing gear design and production. It also specializes in turbines. The Queretaro Aerocluster offers 9500 direct jobs in the state.

Every region has its own specific characteristics but they also share a few things. All the aerospace-focused areas abode sturdy educational opportunities to train the local workforce on the complication practices needed. They have sturdy demographic benefits offering assurance that investors will fill their talent pipeline in the coming time. They all get government assistance which lowers the production and export expenses and build-up needed infrastructure.

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