Qualities to look for in your French tutor

Searching for a tutor is not an easy task.  And, it is not about getting any other French tutor but the right tutor who can teach French efficiently and effectively. While searching French tutor, you need to ask whether a certain teacher is a right choice for you or not? Whether that teacher can teach according to your individuality?

But, how would anyone answer the above questions on their own? Here are some of the points you need to understand for these questions. Below are the parameters you need to consider before selecting a French tutor for yourself. Ideally, all of the below boxes should be ticked.

Level of Language: A French tutor should preferably be the one whose mother tongue is French. Try to find a tutor whose native language is French; then, you will be able to learn French most correctly and authentically.

But if you can’t find such a tutor, then at least look for someone fluent in speaking, reading, and writing French, and if he/she has a French degree or any other equivalent course, that would be like a cherry on the cake. But it is preferable for French tutoring.

Fees and Class times should be clear: The clearer things are, the lesser the chances of complexities will be in the future. So it is necessary that your French teacher openly reveals the total fees he will be charging (with no hidden charges etc.) and the class’s length.

Good Reviews: You should also search for the reviews of your tutor or the French tutoring website. This will reveal to you whether the tutor is experienced and competent, inform you about the things to expect from the course, and may even admonish you if there is something suspicious.

But it’s very important to know from where you are reading those reviews; undoubtedly, the reviews written on the authentic website would be unbiased. Obviously, they are not going to write bad things about their teachers. For true reviews, you can refer to Google Reviews or third-party reviews. These sources will provide you with unbiased and honest reviews upon which you can rely.

Mutual understanding: Ideal condition for French learning is when the teacher creates nurturing environment; reasonable freedom is given to students and proper interaction and understanding between the educator and children. He ought to be someone you feel comfortable with.

This does not necessarily mean that he/she should be your best friend, but the one who makes you feel comfortable and acts as a facilitator and guide.

Some students prefer a patient teacher, while others prefer a strict teacher. Although finding the best tutor is a tedious job, it is worth the effort.

When you don’t get good marks in exams even after taking classes from a tutor, you feel like all the money you had spent on the tutor had gone to waste. So it is of utmost importance that you find the right tutor who helps you learn.

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