Reasons drugs are bad and what to do about addiction?

Drugs are cursed. The illegal ones for sure, there are legal drugs and illegal drugs, the legal drugs are those that are recommended by the doctor while the illegal drugs are those that are recommended by no one other than people that have ill intentions toward you. If you are a female and a teenager, there will be many men who do drugs in your school or college, or workplace environment that will persuade you into doing drugs with them, while doing so, they can slip in special drugs to make you hallucinated enough to use you. This is just how things are happening in the real world and to know about such things is a need of the time and we know how hard it is to know about this, but it is to be known and solved.

If you are a male teenager, it won’t be hard to persuade you, due to peer pressure. Men are more susceptible to peer pressure because of their need to be admired, it is an intrinsic Free By The Sea men and women both have it, but men have a greater need to be accepted in society as they are the bread winners when you look at it from a historical point of view. Furthermore, drugs in general can be good and bad at the same time. When you take drugs that are prescribed by the doctor, they are safe to take, but when they are abused, then that is what is called an addiction. Addiction to prescribed drugs and addiction to illegal drugs, is both a possibility, but illegal drugs can do more harm than good.

The harm that illegal drugs or drugs in general can do if they are abused, are the following:

They can decrease your health considerably.

Health is the first thing that it tackles, aside from the mind. You will see yourself getting thinner and thinner each day. Your skin will get darker than it was before, this does not mean that anyone who has a dark skin is ill, it is just a reference to how their skin was before, their skin will start to break as well, there will be spots, there will be lots of texture that will showcase that from the inside, the body is corrupted with drugs.

You will be eating a lot, more than you used to but you won’t be gaining any weight, why is that? Because drugs consume a lot of resources from your body and it ruins it from the inside. Drugs need a lot of energy to put some effects on your body and that is what they do, they suck you until you have nothing to give.

Drugs can make you lose your relationships.

Think of all the amazing relationships that you have, your friends, families, relatives, girlfriends, partners etc. All of these are needed in one’s life and one should always cater to them and nourish them. But when you are addicted to drugs, this is not something that becomes your priority. You will be under the influence of drugs and you might say and do things that you do not mean which can make your relationships get hurt overtime and people will eventually start to leave you.

Drugs can make you lose your life.

Drugs, as we talked earlier, can suck all the resources out of you, you won’t be able to get anything out of doing drugs except for the chances of losing your life. You can die of overdose. The thing with taking drugs is that your body will require it more and more to get the effects and it will reach a point of no return until your body cannot take it anymore.

To safeguard yourself and your friends, go to a rehab center. To do so, browse this site.

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