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Wooden pallet recycling can make a significant impact on the environment. Recycling wooden pallets can save millions of trees each year. It also reduces the demand for trees. Continue reading to learn more about the environmental impacts of recycling wooden pallets.

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How many Pallets are produced each year?

There are approximately 2 billion pallets in use right now. Up to 450 million pallets can be made each year from fresh wood. Instead of cutting down trees to make pallets, the industry recycles old pallets. This recycling effort has had a significant impact on the environment.

Some pleasing results have been achieved so far. The recycling figures indicate that more than 350 million pallets can be reused and that less that 1% of pallets that are not used go to landfills. A pallet that cannot be used in its original form as a wooden pallet can be recycled and reused for mulch. Even pallets that are damaged beyond repair can still be used in the recycling industry. This adds to the positive environmental impact of recycling wooden pallets.

It is possible to see how wooden pallets can be made, and how much wood it takes, by looking at the logs that are 10 feet long. These logs can then be used to make pallets. The standard 48×40 GMA pallet is 15.17 feet long. The log’s diameter is 14 inches. This gives it a length of 63 feet. This information allows us to deduce that each log can yield 4 wooden pallets.

Each year, recycling saves 43.5 million trees

We can divide the number recycled pallets by four pallets per log to get a better understanding of the numbers involved. This shows that 87 million logs are needed to make this many wooden pallets. This shows that recycling wooden pallets has a positive environmental impact on the environment. We can save 43.5 million trees each year by using 2 logs for every tree.

This amazing recycling effort ensures that raw material costs are kept low and wood supply is maintained at a reasonable level, without too many trees stock. This demonstrates how vital recycling is to the wooden pallet industry, and also the enormous environmental impact that recycling initiatives have had over time.

The Environmental Impact

Reusing Wooden Pallets can reduce the environmental impact. This is because fewer trees are required to make wooden pallets for pallet manufacturing. The environment and human health are both benefited by this saving of trees. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increasing oxygen levels. Recycling efforts must be continued to protect the environment and ensure that the pallet industry continues to operate in a sustainable manner.

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