Repaired or Replaced Leather Car Seats- Reasons to get yours done

Before you sign your chequebook to buy new leather car seats, it is important to consider the advantages of repairing the leather seats against replacing them.

The alarming price of new cars has prompted several Americans to follow this idea. On average, an American kept a car for 12.1 years as per the survey of IHSMarkit. According to J.D. Power, the average cost of a new car rose to $37000 in the first three months of 2021, with an increment of 8%. The rising cost has made people prefer to make repairs to their old cars rather than purchase a new one. With car aging, cracks, dents, burns, scratches, and rips in the upholstery of your cabin are unavoidable. This increases the importance of repairing your car seats to return the glory of your interior.

Here are some reasons to choose leather repair Edmonton over replacement.

  1. Resale value: Keeping the car in its best condition boosts its resale value. With the cost of cars rising, you should get the best price for your trade-in when upgrading your car. Dealers precisely check the appearance of the car. Chipped paint, damage, and the interior are what they inspect. So, you should maintain your car rather than choose aftermarket modifications such as audio system enhancement or non-OEM spoilers. Even a repair will fetch you a good resale value. So, instead of burning a hole in your pocket with leather seat replacement, you can go for repair.
  2. Cost-saving: Replacing leather seats is costly. Refurbishing your seats will save around 90% of the replacement cost. Almost all damage done to the car seat can be replaced from fading, colour restoration, spot/ stain removal, scratches, wear and tear, cuts, burns and holes. The seats are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized too to make them germ-free.
  3. Better appearance: As per American Automobile Association, Americans drive 220 miles per week on average. While commuting to work, carrying kids to school or doing errands, the time spent in the car should always be well-spent. A clean, effectively maintained car would enhance your driving experience. A good cabin will give you comfort and pleasure. Stepping in a car with repaired leather seats will make the drive more enjoyable.
  4. Higher comfort: The tears, dents and cracks on the car seats can make you uncomfortable. While ranking a car based on comfort, Consumer Reports checks its ride smoothness, seat comfort, noise and driving comfort. So, the seats have a major role in it. If your seats are in disrepair, comfort will fall. Going for refurbishment will enhance your road trip.
  5. Eco-friendly option: With more and more people focusing on the environment, it is essential to consider the effect of refurbishing and replacement on the environment. Landfills are literally at their highest, and any step to avoid addition is a great move. Taking this small step and avoiding replacement and choosing repair instead is a good idea.

These are some reasons why you should choose leather repair Edmonton over replacement. Hope you will consider them before making a decision.

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