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What can offer doses of Nordic aesthetics and arctic landscapes in a minimal period? Even in the times of the “girl with a tattoo of a dragon” were on the bookshelves. Nordic noir is now the genre of those books. However, they are many mysteries that are present to stream. But those are not Scandinavian worth channels to watch. Someone took a study from cheap thesis writers to list her favorite shows. And even she includes the details of where they were shooting the movie and recommended visiting the places. Below is the list of the tv shows that this person recommends. 

Avirngerne Denmark

The legacy

Set on an island in Denmark. This series gives us a story. The story is about four children. They lose their mother. This place has beautiful scenery. For people who like the lifestyle of the Danish people, this series is appropriate for you. You can get the 2nd and 3rd seasons on DVD, but it is only the first one currently existing in streaming. 

Those who kill

It is an excellent mini-series. It is a mystery of an old fashion kind of murder. It is about a killer who is running free (he is loose). A Copenhagen and other police departments combine forces to stop this serial killer. It is a series that is a must-watch. 


(All the sins)

All the sins is a series that is from Finland. It is also a must-series. Its genre is crime and drama. It is about a detective who comes from his town, and he investigates a murder. Then during his investigation, he reveals secrets that he regrets he has not. Finland is one of the places you can also visit in case you want to tour.

Arctic circle

Finnish Lapland is a place where most people visit throughout the year. The gender does this movie is a crime drama. It is one of the series that is also a must-watch. The events of this series happen in the Arctic Circle. This movie entails a story where a murder case occurs. Then they link it to the virus. The people who are watching can be getting the gist of what and how Lapland looks like.

Border town

It also has a common story where a cop who quits his old job gets something small to do in his hometown because he wants to have enough time with the family. But it is easy. It is a crime drama movie. Forests cover about ¾ of find about

Finland has a lot of green covers. 

Ice land

(Valhalla murders)

It is one of the first Icelandic series to air on Netflix. This series helps to tour around ice land because it shows you how ice land looks like. The story of this series is about a killer who the police are trailing. It is also one of the must-watch movies. It is a crime drama. So a policeman returns to his home to investigate the murder cases that are happening in his town.


In the history of Iceland, this series is the highest in production. The story is about a body in a certain area in Finland. And it is now becoming clear that this incident is part of other incidents. 

It is a must-watch series.


There are other series, but these are just a few.

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