Season Wahoo in Florida

You can catch Wahoo all year along Florida’s Atlantic Coast from Amelia Island up to Key West. The best time to catch Wahoo in Florida is between July and August, if you are on the east coast. Wahoo is just like other fish species. It is important to take into account the season, structure, and water movement when you are targeting them. If all three conditions are favorable, you can expect favorable results and your fish boxes to be loaded.

Many anglers have success in July and August around the full moon. This is due to 100% water movement. The closest the moon to South Florida is July and August. The full moon produces the most significant tide swings along Florida’s east coast throughout the year. Large tide swings produce very favorable currents that allow wahoos and other wildlife to feed.

Wahoo Fishing Charters

Wahoos are beautiful fish but can be difficult to find. Although they have excellent eyesight and great camouflage skills, they can be finicky. On the east coast, Wahoos are about 20-50 pounds. Small fish and other small animals are rare. They often find underwater debris. You can catch them by Kite fishing or trolling. The time, place, and weight of the fish will all affect the different techniques.

We recommend that you book an extended charter if you are interested in a specific fishing charter . This is because of the amount of trolling and areas to cover.

Top Wahoo Fishing Spots

Wahoo, an impressive pelagic fish can be found in many waters. They can be found along the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean Islands. These streamlined speedsters can be hooked in many places. They live in tropical and subtropical water, 600 feet above the ocean’s surface.

Below are 5 top spots in Florida that are prolific. Although the fish can swim in many other places, these are some of our favorite spots for Wahoo fishing. These destinations increase your chances of a good Wahoo encounter.

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