Seven facts about Air compressors in Nairobi

An air compressor will intake atmospheric air and release it at high pressure. There are different industries where air compressors are used. This article will look at ten facts about air compressors in Nairobi that we did not know. This article will give you a better understanding of the operation mechanisms of an air compressor.Compressed air spans different uses from auto body shops, homes, and even construction sites. We usually use compressed air machines to handle projects such as auto repair, carpentry, and spray-painting cars.

What are the ten facts about Air compressor in Nairobi that we need to know;

1. What makes up compressed air

Compressed air up of the same air that we breathe in. the difference is that it stores the air in tanks under very high pressure. The ingredients of air are not different; the only difference is that the air is stored and then forced out in smaller volumes.

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2. How does air compression work?

Two simple steps drive the air compression process;

1st step – atmospheric air is trapped into a cylinder.

2nd step–the space in the tank shrinks, forcing the air molecules together.

It compresses the air using pistons or rotary screw air compressors that use dual spinning screws that push the air downwards.

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3. The pressure of compressed air

When air is crammed in smaller tank spaces, it creates the pressure necessary during use? Air has one bar of pressure but can be forced to 414 bars of pressure when compressed. Three laws determine the pressure of air. These are Charles law, Boyles law, and the law of thermodynamics. Apart from pressure, temperature and volume are proportional. The effect of this means that if you change one, then the others will change.

4. Compressed air is hot.

Compressed air is hot because it forces the air molecules in tight spaces, and when t

hey are forced out, they generate heat. Compressed air that leaves the compression tank is not as hot as the air in the compression tank. Depending on its application, the compressed air in the compression tank can be hundreds or even thousands of degrees hot.

5. What are the uses of compressed air?

There are two ways we can use compressed air;

  • As a source of energy or
  • As blowing air,

When used as an energy source, we use compressed air in power tools and equipment used in production. We use the equipment in several industries, such as mechanical repair.

We also use compressed air as blowing air; they use it when a steady air stream is required, such as pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

6. Why is compressed air important?

They widely use compressed air in the manufacturing industry as a source of energy. Compressed air comprises 10% of the energy that is used in the manufacturing industry. Most of the products we use today have used compressed air at a certain point in time.

The fundamental difference between compressed air and other energy sources is that users can make compressed air at their will.

7. Safety of compressed air

Compressed air is a clean energy source and does not pollute the environment compared to other energy sources such as diesel-powered engines and electricity. However, compressed air is dangerous when the tanks are not maintained well.


There are a lot of facts about compressed air that we need to familiarize ourselves with. When we understand these facts, we understand the importance of compressed air in the production process and energy source. For more information, click here.

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