SharePoint Interview Questions You Should Ask

When hiring a SharePoint developer, consider asking these questions to find the best candidate for the job.

SharePoint is a robust platform that businesses can use for many reasons, including document management systems and portals. The SharePoint ecosystem has many different parts; you can install servers on-premise or subscribe to its cloud services through Office 365.

Your job as an interviewer is to find out if the candidate has the right skills and Is a good fit for your project. To do so, you have to have some relevant questions in mind that are not easily found online, specific to the project you are working on and your own experience. For instance, if you are looking to hire an android developer, the skill set will be different from the share point developer.  Here we have put together a list of 20 questions you should ask a potential SharePoint developer

20 Strategic SharePoint Developer Job  Interview Questions

1. What is Microsoft SharePoint?

This is the most important and first question you should ask. It only makes sense to determine from the start if the candidate knows what SharePoint is, how it works, and why you are hiring them.

Answer: Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that provides document management, team sites, and enterprise intranets to users.

2. List out some uses of Microsoft SharePoint.

This question helps get an idea about the candidate’s experience with SharePoint and their understanding of how they plan to use it.

Answer: Among other uses, developers use Microsoft SharePoint to create websites, share documents, and host applications such as blogs and wikis. As a powerful business collaboration and productivity tool, SharePoint can also help companies store, organize, share, and access information efficiently and securely.

3. What versions of SharePoint have you worked with?

This question will help you determine if the candidate has experience with SharePoint versions that you are using or plan to use.

Answer: There is no specific answer to this question. However, the interviewer can ask follow-up questions to get more details, such as the candidate’s experience with SharePoint 2010, 2013, or even 2019.

4. What are the main components of Microsoft SharePoint?

The candidate will be working in the SharePoint environment, so it is important to know if they understand the different components and their role.

Answer: The main components of Microsoft SharePoint are web parts, apps, sites, libraries, lists, pages, workflows, security groups, and permission levels.

5. How do you create a document library in SharePoint?

Getting into specific details about SharePoint will help you determine if the candidate can back up their claims with real-world experience.

Answer: A document library is created by login into SharePoint in your web browser and then clicking ‘Site Actions’ and selecting ‘Create.’ Then click ‘Document Library’ under ‘Libraries.’ Finally, enter a name and description for the new document library.

6. What are web parts?

SharePoint sites are composed of web parts, the individual building blocks that make up a page. The candidate should know what they are and what their role is.

Answer: In their words, they should explain the point above.

7. What does a module in SharePoint entail?

In SharePoint, a module is a file or group of files used to define the location of files when you create a site and implement a Web Part page.

8. What does the content database handle in SharePoint?

Good SharePoint developers will know the different components of SharePoint and what their role is. One of those components is the content database, which the candidate should know about if they want the job.

Answer: The content database in Microsoft SharePoint is used to handle Published reports; Reports models; Shared data sources; Properties; Resources; and Permissions.

The candidate should mention at least 5 of these primary functions of the content database.

9. What is a site template in SharePoint?

Site templates are used to create new sites and pages using a predefined set of Web Parts, page layouts, and settings.

  1. What are common OneDrive sync issues a SharePoint developer might face?

Problem-solving is a crucial skill for any SharePoint developer. Knowing how to troubleshoot OneDrive sync issues is a good sign – an indication the candidate can roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Answer: OneDrive sync issues might be caused by corrupt files, missing metadata, or incorrect synchronization. The first step to fixing these issues is ensuring that the OneDrive sync client is up to date and running a Microsoft Office Diagnostics Tool.

11. What is FBA authentication?

Another knowledge-based interview question you should ask a candidate to gauge their expertise is this one about FBA or Forms-based authentication.

Answer: FBA authentication uses a login form to send the user’s credentials to a login page configured as a custom HTML page. A membership provider checks the credentials, and if they are valid, the user is given access to the site. If they are not valid, the user is redirected to a page that you can configure.

12. What are SharePoint online PowerShell commands? List some of them

Part of the responsibility of a SharePoint developer is maintenance. One way to do this is by using PowerShell commands to automate tasks like creating users, changing user properties, or adding sites.

Answer: The following is a list of PowerShell commands that SharePoint experts can use to manage SharePoint Online: Get-SPOSite, Get-SPOExternalUser, Get-SPOSiteGroup, Get-SPOUser, Set-SPOSite, Set-SPOUser, Remove-SPOUser, Add-SPOUser, Connect-SPOService, Disconnect-SPOService.

The above are just a few examples – the candidate should be prepared to list a good number of PowerShell commands specific to SharePoint Online.

13. What is SharePoint Sandbox, and why would you use it?

With sandbox mode, SharePoint runs in isolation from your typical environment so that you can test new features and solutions without impacting the production environment. Its role restricts actions that can cause SharePoint farm performance, security, and similar problems.

14. What are the different input forms to create SharePoint workflow?

It is wise to understand how a candidate performs their work before you decide to hire them. One way of doing this is by asking about their experience creating workflows in SharePoint. Workflows are integral functions and are often used to automate business processes.

Answer: The different input forms to create a workflow in SharePoint are: Association form; Initiation form; Modification form; and Task edit form.

15. Explain LINQ and how can it benefit you in SharePoint?

Data querying is a common task for any SharePoint developer, so understanding LINQ (Language Integrated Query) can be beneficial. 

Answer: LINQ, or Language-Integrated Query, is a library that provides methods for querying data. Developers can use LINQ (a SQL-like syntax) SharePoint to query data in lists and libraries and the content of documents and databases.

16. Name tools required for backing up a SharePoint environment

Many a SharePoint administrator’s worst nightmare is a data disaster. By asking this question, you can understand how knowledgeable the candidate is about backup and disaster recovery procedures.

Answer: Three common tools required for backing up a SharePoint environment are: SQL Server, System center data protection manager, and SharePoint farm backup and recovery.

17. What is the procedure for making a SharePoint site public?

Anonymous access is not enabled by default. The developer has to enable the anonymous access for the entire site – and each site can support up to ten sub-sites with distinct permissions.

  1. What is the significant difference between CustomMasterUrl and MasterUrl?

The MasterUrl property is used to alter the layout of all end-user pages, and the CustomMasterUrl is employed to change the admin interface.

19. How do I fix a problem where no search results appear for the current content?

Another critical problem that SharePoint developers may face is troubleshooting search. We can get an idea of a candidate’s knowledge by asking them to explain how to fix a situation in which no results appear for the current content.

Answer: To fix this problem, you will first need to browse the affected SharePoint Online site > click ‘Settings’ menu > select ‘Site settings’> select ‘Search Result Sources’ from the options under ‘Site Collection Administration. Next, ensure the ‘Local SharePoint Results’ default is checked if it isn’t, select Set as Default from the drop-down arrow next to Local SharePoint Results.

20. What are the migration tools you are familiar with?

SharePoint developers work with a lot of tools daily. Tools make the work a lot easier for them. It is essential that any candidate you consider hiring be well-versed with the SharePoint migration tools used in the organization.

Answer: Some common migration tools used in SharePoint are: Sharegate, Metalogix, and AvePoint. These are just a few of the many options available.

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