Six Tactics to Improve Your Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is immensely competitive. There are plenty of businesses that optimize the same keywords, and not everyone is successful in ranking high. The good thing is that there are experts like the top SEO companies San Diego that are willing to lend a hand. With their expertise in local search engine optimization, it’s easier to figure out how to move forward with the right strategies.

1. Use a keyword search tool

Search engine optimization is always about the right keyword. It could be tricky since some keywords are of low-impact. It means that not many people use them to search for information online. Other keywords are too popular, and many businesses also optimize them. Therefore, succeeding in ranking high might be challenging. Keyword search tools would usually suggest the addition of the city or town name after the generic keyword. Most people would include the location when searching for information online. They prefer to patronize brands that are nearby. After determining the desired keywords to optimize, it’s time to start working.

2. Start building links 

Link building is always important in search engine optimization. According to studies, Google rewards websites with lots of backlinks. When websites producing top-quality content have to compete for the top spot, the number of links built matters. For local SEO, working with other local websites would be useful. For instance, if the business decides to be a guest blogger, it would be great to choose blogs with local audiences. They’re the same people that the business wants to target. There’s a greater chance for the readers to click the link and eventually become customers. It’s also worth creating a link with other high-quality websites since Google sees them as valuable. 

3. Work with local influencers 

Another excellent strategy is to work with social media influencers. It’s even better if these influencers have audiences in the area. Their endorsement could go a long way. Since they have a massive following, receiving their endorsement would be a positive thing for the business. Some of these followers might decide to buy the products and services offered by the company. If not, they will at least feel curious and explore the website. Some are very passionate followers, and they put all their trust in these influencers. They won’t mind buying whatever product their idol endorses. 

4. Google My Business listing

The Google My Business page is an essential tool for local SEO. It’s the most important factor for a local list ranking. Using it is easy. The first step is to claim the listing. Then, the business should verify the account and provide specific business details. Everything should be correct since people will view them later. The link to the website should also be on the page. Recent and high-quality photos should also make their way on the business listing. Apart from Google My Business, there are other page listings for local businesses. However, since the goal is to rank higher in Google, it would be imperative to use its tools. 

5. Encourage reviews

For local businesses, it’s all about trust. Asking people to buy the products wouldn’t be easy if the business is yet to establish its trustworthiness. One of the best ways to make it happen is by encouraging positive reviews. Some people who availed of the products and services before might be willing to give positive reviews. Most people look for reviews before they decide to buy the products. It’s true, especially for businesses that only offer products and services online. The only way for potential customers to determine if they can trust the brand is by reading what other people have to say. The problem is that not everyone is willing to leave reviews. The business should encourage previous clients to leave reviews. It didn’t happen by reminding them through emails. When they buy products, the receipt might include a QR code that they can use to leave reviews. For retail stores, employees can personally ask the customers to leave a review while they’re in the store. It’s better to have a reputation management software that generates good reviews than not to have anything for people to refer to. 

6. Use videos 

Not everyone likes reading long articles or reviewing different content. Some people don’t have enough time. They would rather watch short videos and absorb the necessary information. Therefore, it’s important to produce quality videos for the target audiences to see. Start by having an explainer video. It talks about how to use the products offered by the business. Some people might want to know how they work before they decide to buy one. There can also be videos of people who use the products and services. It’s even more meaningful to feature real people than hired models. Another reason for using videos is that most people wouldn’t mind sharing them. Some businesses even succeeded because the videos used for advertising became viral. For local SEO, it would help if the videos contain information specific to the local audiences. Understanding the local contacts would also be helpful since it tells the people that the business understands them.

The competition will always be there

During this difficult financial time, some people lost their jobs and stable income sources. They try to be creative and start a business online. It means that for existing businesses, advertising online becomes even more challenging. There are more companies to compete with, and all of them might be using the local SEO as a strategy. Therefore, the business needs to stay focused on advertising and try different strategies to reach out to the target audiences.

Hire the top SEO companies 

It’s not easy to figure out how to succeed in ranking high in search engines. There are different factors considered by Google’s algorithms. The good thing is that experts like the top SEO companies San Diego already know what to do. They have tried implementing different strategies before, and they have an idea about which of them would work for your business. Hiring these agencies will allow the business to move forward. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s possible.

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