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Nowadays, social media marketing is an efficient and popular way of marketing. 3d product modeling has brought the revolution in social media marketing and 3D alternate social media marketing in different ways. 3D and social media marketing are two awarded gifts in today’s world. If you are interested to know how 3D has brought revolution and improved social media marketing, you must read this article.

Let’s talk about how product modeling has made so many improvements in social media marketing!

#1. Multiple Image Posts on Facebook and Other Social Media Apps or Sites

For your social media posts and marketing labours, 3d high-quality visuals of your products are very important. These are more flexible and creative, and they deliver full attention instead of simple photos. For unique lighting and to make the background setting more precise, you can use 3D models of different varieties. You can even obtain profuse responses by presenting a 3D model of your product.

#2. Gather Feedback from Potential Customers

When you provide the greater facility of giving proper feedback about the product to your customers, it would be more beneficial for taking your business to a new level. And you provide this facility to your customers by launching then 3D prototype (an early model of the product for testing) of your product. In this way, many clients will start to order your product with this 3D prototype of your product.

#3. Tutorials for the Product Usage

If you want more customers to buy your product, you should provide helpful tutorials for product usage. These tutorials provide so many instructions that help your customers tell them how they should efficiently use this product. 3D models can be used for unique animation and videos. In this way, it would be useful for the more complex products that are new, and nobody knew about it before.

#4. Engaging Posts with 3D Animations

3D models give a more powerful impact than simple static images. If you want to change your models into animations, you can do it so perfectly with the help of different 3D modeling programmes like V Ray and Solid Works. It also benefits your customers that they imagine that they are using this product in advance.

#5. Create the Multiple Variations of Same Product

With the help of product modeling and rendering services, you can even make so many unique variations of the same product in different ways. For this purpose, you only the basic raw structure of any product, and then you can make the changes in the basic structure of this product and create so many variations of the same product.

#6. Sell a Lifestyle

If you are doing any business and you can not get fan fame until you promote your business products on social media. Once you promote it on social media, then more customers will start to buy your product online.


Above all benefits explain that how 3d product modeling has brought improvements in social media marketing. If you are looking for a company that will provide you with exceptional 3d rendering services, then CGIFURNITURE is the best option for you. For taking any service from the company contact us!

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