There is no denying that truckers account for many crashes in construction zones, which can be fatal. Many truckers underestimate that they need a longer distance to slow down in a highway construction zone leading to devastating truck accidents. Common ones include rear-end, angle, and head-on collisions, and they are severe given the size and weight of large trucks, especially when loaded.

Therefore large trucks pose a threat to other motorists in construction zones primarily because they weigh 20 or more times than smaller vehicles. Staying informed about work zones truck crashes is best to practice vigilance when driving in these zones. Here are some facts to know.

Truckers have little room for errors in construction zones

In most cases, you find that the road work flaggers in construction zones funnel the traffic to one lane, and the speed limit reduces to prevent the risk of accidents. Depending on how fast they drive, many drivers have to dramatically reduce their speed limit as soon as they approach the construction site.

However, reducing the speed limit may be hard for truckers because they need more distance to slow down, given the weight of their loads. Moreover, many truckers overlook the distance they have to slow down or reduce their speed resulting in rear-end collisions.

Furthermore, the truck’s no-zones make things difficult for the driver when driving through the construction zones. No zones are risky spots around the front, side, and back of the truck where the driver cannot see even with the mirrors. Therefore truck drivers should allow enough space to merge lanes and plenty of time to slow down when approaching a construction zone.

Many fatal truck accidents occur in construction zones.

Highway construction zones in Indiana account for the highest percentage of fatal truck accidents. Since they are busy and chaotic, construction zones are dangerous places for motorists, mainly because the traffic lane is narrower than usual. In other cases, the traffic may be funneled through the same construction zone surrounded by construction equipment and barriers.

If a truck overspends in a construction zone, the driver risks hitting construction equipment, workers, and motorists using small cars resulting in a deadly crash. Injuries such as spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage, head concussions, or even death may result.

The crashes are likely to occur during the daytime.

According to research, 65% of construction zone truck crashes are likely to occur during the day. More of these truck accidents occur on weekdays and are less likely on weekends.

A work zone truck attorney can help.

If injured in a construction zone truck accident, it is best to seek legal counsel from experienced work zone truck attorneys on They can assess the situation, investigate the case and help you seek compensation from the negligent truck driver. Most importantly, they do the heavy lifting while you recover from the accident’s aftermath.

In conclusion

Truck accidents in construction zones are common, and they can be fatal. You should always practice extra care when driving around construction zones.

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