Still undecided on a Halloween look?

If you are looking for a Halloween or undecided what type of makeup to do, we have the perfect answer. You are in the correct place if you want to do a flawless Halloween makeover but do not have the time and energy to execute. Scarecrow makeup always goes along with Halloween because it is scary. You can choose a scarecrow makeover as well if you are looking for cute instead of scary. It is because scarecrows are scary and go well with the vibes of Halloween. Apart from the national holiday, you can do this makeover at costume parties as well. It is not necessary to do scary makeup. You can also opt for scarecrow makeup if you are looking for cute makeup instead of scary.

Halloween – Relation with ghosts and spirits

Halloween is the festivity in the west. People celebrated it as Saints’ evening. In the early years, it was believed that ghosts and spirits come down on Earth on Halloween eve and the holiday itself. People believed that ghosts and spirits roam the streets on this day. They started where scary masks due to the scare of being recognized by the ghosts. Since then, the holiday became a national day where people wear scary masks and outfits for fun. Although people do not fear the spirits roaming among them, they celebrate the holiday by wearing scary costumes, scary makeup, and masks.

Scarecrow relation to Halloween

Scarecrows do not have an important relation to Halloween. You can wear any type of costume you like. Many people opt for a scarecrow outfit because it is easy to manage. Some people use large white sheets on top of their heads to mimic ghosts. It is the simplest Halloween costume. You can wear a scarecrow costume if you want to put some more effort. Scarecrows are used in fields to scare crows away. It is a baseless object made to look like a human figure by putting on human clothes. Scarecrow costumes can be used on Halloween because they are basically human clothes. You can put on some old, dirty clothes to prepare a scarecrow Halloween costume.

Scarecrow Makeover – Do’s and Don’ts

For a scary look on Halloween, busy people can use old, dirty clothes as a scarecrow costume. You can pair up your costume with a scary look. Scarecrow makeover is simple. To do a simple and frightening scarecrow look, you can tweak your eyes, nose, and mouth. You can cover your eyes and nose with some dark product. For a scary look, you can use a sewed mouth effect to give the essence of a scarecrow. Colors like black and orange go well with scarecrow makeover. If you want a cute look, you can use colors like purple, pink, yellow beside black.

If you are opting for a homemade scarecrow costume, choose old and dirty clothes, preferably overalls. Do not wear new or washed clothes. Make sure to use unwashed clothes to give a greasy look. If you are opting for new clothes, stain them with dirt, so they look like old and weary ones. For the makeup, you can do simple, cute, scary, spooky or glittery. You can also use the scarecrow look from the Wizard of Oz.

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