Strategic Online Casino Gaming

History & Overview: Online Casino Gaming

In recent years, digital and online casino gaming has become very popular in India. There are dozens of online casinos available for Indians readily accessible from their computers, phones, or tablets! Indian gambling, primarily online casino gaming, has come a long way and is growing at a lightning pace.

Indians are drawn to online casino gaming, particularly the youth. And it is essential to educate users planning to engage in online casino gaming.

Of course, online casino players must know how to play the game; it is also equally important to learn other crucial tips that can come in handy in the long run.

Therefore, we have gathered top casino strategies for strategic online casino gaming.

Strategies to Excel at Online Casino Gaming

Determine Your Type

Before getting on with online casino gaming, you must determine what player you wish to be. Generally, there are two types of online casino players – generalists and specialists. Generalists are the ones that engage in online casino gaming with the objective of killing time, for recreation purposes, etc. They also tend to play multiple games.

At the same time, specialists are the people who prefer playing one particular game and play the game regularly.

If you wish to become a generalist, you should at least have a gist of various online casino games, especially the games that are commonly played. Specialist players are expected to spend time understanding the game in detail and usually keep several tips & tricks up their sleeves.

Begin With Free Games

One of the most effective practices to strengthen your casino skills is playing free games against dummy opponents then you can move to real money games like: online slots, roulette, blackjack etc.. Free games put beginners in different situations, enabling the players to experience different facets of the game. This is highly beneficial as beginners can polish their skills and gain the confidence to bet in real-time.

Thanks to the rising number of online casino gaming platforms, plenty of apps offer free games and rewards for beginners to learn and practice.

Play on Instinct and Math

Gambling is all about math and instinct. In order to increase your win chances, you must combine your instinct with math while playing online casino gambling. You should have a fair deal of idea about house edge and return to player percentage mean.

House edge % refers to the percentage (or amount) of money that you invest that the casino keeps. And return to player percentage is the money you bet but is returned to you later. Remember, the addition of these two numbers becomes 100%.

Understanding these mathematical metrics enables you to increase or decrease your betting hand accordingly.

Predict Losses

Loss prediction is one of the most crucial factors in strategic online casino gaming. In order to predict losses, you must know the following indices: house edge percentage (or RTP percentage), the total number of bets you need to make, and the average amount of each bet.

After getting your hands on these indices, you can predict the loss by using this formula –


However, the amount of loss may vary if you increase or decrease the number of hands.

Play to Win in the Long Run

All good casino players try and win in the long run. As a matter of fact, one main reason why players don’t win a lot is that they focus on playing in the short run. Here’s an essential tip if you are eyeing to win online casino games in the long run: know the house edge amount or percentage. Low house edges imply higher winnings and vice versa.

Last Words

Online casino gaming is all about knowledge and the right strategy. It is hard to beat a player with a solid gaming strategy combined with robust execution. Therefore, building a good gaming strategy is essential if you wish to become a good casino player.

We hope the strategies mentioned above and tips come in handy to you in your online casino gaming pursuit.

Happy Gaming!

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