Texas Hill Country with Kids

The Texas Hill Country spans portions of Central and South Texas – it is home to various natural formations like the Enchanted Rock, Packsaddle Mountains, and preserved forests.

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Interesting things to do in the Texas Hill Country

Whether you want to head to a museum or take some time out in the countryside, Texas has it all for you. Here are some of the things you can do. 

Roadside America Museum:

This museum is quite different from the traditional museum, wondering why? The museum is on the roadside and features various collections – right from vintage cars, musicals, and crafts. 

You will also come across old American gas station artifacts, a soda fountain, and music stores with classic cassettes. Do check out the ‘not so popular room’ in the museum – it brings nostalgia as you will spot childhood cartoon characters from Warner and Bros.

Texas Through Time Fossil Museum:

Do ancient fossils, reconstructed & 3D-designed dinosaur skeletons, and palaeontological artifacts sound exciting? Sure, it does! Texas Through Time is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Texas Hill Country area. 

The museum houses several objects on display that find their history to hundreds of years in Texas. You will also find dummies of dinosaurs, sharks, amphibians, mammals, and petrified woods. You can also take a Paleontology course if you are interested to learn more about fossils.

Hamm Creek Park:

Hamm Creek Park is an ecological park and is the home for various animals like fox, deer, turkey, armadillo, and numerous species of birds & fishes. You can involve yourself in fishing, boating, rafting, and river skiing. You can also stay here for an entire day and opt for camping. Hamm Creek Park is lined with exotic trees like oak trees, Ashe junipers, American sycamore, and Texas ash.

Natural Bridge Caverns:

The natural bridge caverns are a major tourist site in the Texas Hill Country featuring a 60 ft limestone slab bridge. The caverns feature rare cave structures and geological formations from dissolved calcite. Did you know that a human tooth, tribal weapons, and femur belonging to extinct black bear species were discovered in the caverns during excavation? Yes, the site could have been home to ancient homo sapiens.

Where should you eat in the Texas Hill Country?

The Leaning Pear:

The Leaning Pear has beautiful outdoor and indoor settings, giving the feel of a treehouse. The place serves seasonal American food and trademark Tex-Mex cuisine. You should try the smoked piazzas, crab cakes, pimento cheese, and tuna. 

Cafe Blue at Hill Country Galleria:

With the lighting and the cafe’s interior, you will love the cozy patio-style seating arrangements. Cafe blue serves some of the best seafood and Caribbean cocktails. The must-tries are coconut shrimps, eggs benedict, crawfish omelet, and banana foster French toast. 

Suitable time of the year to visit the Texas Hill Country

The best time to visit the Texas Hill Country is from March to May; the reason behind this is you can enjoy Texas’s floral beauty. It is this time of the month when the wildflowers blossom. Texas festivals like cook offs and other regional festivals are in full swing during these 2-3 months. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, bird gazing, or fishing.


So, are you all set for a grand and long vacation to the Texas Hill Country? Did you get your esta visa yet? No?

Sometimes the esta visa verification and approval procedure get delayed if you have entered outdated information or details that don’t check out with official records.

It is best to check esta status and verify the time required for esta approval in such instances. Please get the esta form filled and submit 72 before your travel plans. You can travel with the ESTA authorization any time in the next two years, so even if you haven’t made your itinerary, that’s fine. Just ensure you fill out all the details when applying for the ESTA, as your application could get rejected or else. 

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