As a public interest legal practice, Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys firm’s focus is on defending the interests of persons with a broad range of disabilities, including those related to the body’s physical and psychological health as well as the senses and cognition.

The ACDL offers free legal services as part of the nation’s P&A system under five primary incentives:

  • Mentally Ill People’s Rights Protection and Advocacy
  • People with Muscular Dystrophy Protection and Advocacy
  • Program for assisting clients 
  • Schedule for the Advocacy of Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology 
  • Defense and Promotion of Individual Rights
  • Protecting and Advancing the Rights of Social Security Beneficiaries
  • Protection and Advocacy for Those Affected by Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Preservation of Voting Rights and Campaign

Can the Arizona Institute for Disabled Law help you?

“The Arizona Center for Disability Law is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of disability rights in the state of Arizona.”

  1. contains information about legal rights and responsibilities
  2. During negotiations, administrative hearings, and judicial proceedings, an attorney defends their clients.
  3. The group offers legal assistance to both organizations and persons with disabilities, depending on the needs of each.

Who Needs The Arizona Institute For Disability Law’s Support

The ACDL, a non-profit organization that offers legal services to persons with various impairments, including physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory, and cognitive. People with particular impairments, such as developmental disabilities or significant mental illnesses, are provided with special government protection and advocacy funding. Whenever you contact ACDL for assistance, we must inquire about your impairment due to our financial needs.

However, the ACDL does not address issues that affect everyone regardless of disability, such as estate probate, divorce, or bankruptcy. The ACDL helps people with disabilities who have been discriminated against, abused or neglected, or whose basic needs have been ignored.

The demand for ACDL’s services significantly outstrips our ability to provide them. The ACDL is mandated to set priorities for its services based on feedback from the public each year. These rankings may be obtained upon request. 

Are There Any Particular Kinds Of Issues That The Acdl Is Concerned With?

Abuse or neglect of people in mental health institutions, nursing homes, neighborhood group homes, and schools are addressed via prevention and punishment programs.

Assuring successful discharge planning for mental hospitals, as well as access to adequate mental health treatment, is a high concern for the federal government.

Providing children with developmental disabilities with access to a free public school is a primary goal for the federal government.

Individuals with disabilities have the same rights to access appropriate health care, assistive devices, and other assistance, and we are working to ensure that they get those services and benefits.

People with disabilities may be able to get the support they need from programs such as Employment Development and other Recovery Act-funded initiatives with the aid of the Client Aid Program.

In order to combat housing discrimination against individuals with disabilities, the Fair Housing Act was enacted in 1968.

An effort to promote accessibility to public places, companies, and government services is underway to ensure that the Americans with Disabilities Act is fully implemented and enforced.

We advocate for the inclusion and equality of persons with impairments in public services and programs, as well as the rights of people with disabilities in the workplace.


Due to limited funding, ACDL personnel must focus their work on issues to make a real impact on people’s lives. Due to the time and resources necessary to resolve a claim, the ACDL may be unable to accept a case if it may be handled by another institution or if the claim has just a limited amount of merit. The availability of personnel and resources determines whether or not help is offered to someone who fits these criteria.

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