The Benefits of Food and Nutrition Labeling

As a seller of foods, it’s important that you put labels on your items so that other people can clearly see the ingredients. These are some of the benefits of labeling your foods:

1. More Trust From Customers

The main benefit that you will receive from using food labeling software to label your foods is that it will build trust between your company and its customers. Consumers like to do business with transparent companies. Providing labels for all of your foods will give them the confidence they need to continue doing business with you.

2. Legal Requirements

You have to meet certain legal requirements as a business that sells food. Part of those legal requirements is that you ensure that you disclose all ingredients in the foods you offer to your patrons. Therefore, you can avoid lawsuits and penalties by taking the time to label everything you put on your shelf. You could experience timely and costly consequences if you fail to comply with the laws. For one, you may receive an embarrassing noncompliance notice that you will have to rectify immediately. Failure to rectify the situation could result in fines and the closure of your store. Placing labels on all of your contents will rid you of having to worry about such consequences.

3. Notification for Allergic Persons

Some people are allergic to certain ingredients in foods. Examples of allergies that prospective buyers have are peanut allergies, dairy allergies and shellfish allergies. Labeling your foods is crucial to such people so that they can avoid items that have the ingredients in them to which they are allergic. Even traces of such ingredients can cause those people to have severe allergic reactions. A customer who has an allergic reaction because of omission of ingredient information can have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. That lawsuit can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4. Information for Dieters

Some dieters use calorie counting methods to control the amount of calories they take in every day. This is a very important part of their weight loss process. Therefore, they need to see labels that have a straightforward explanation and breakdown of the foods they are considering consuming. Calories aren’t the only thing that such customers review before they make purchases. They also review sugar content, carbohydrate grams, proteins, vitamins and other ingredients. Without labels, your customers will have to decide whether to buy your products blindly or purchase other items that have the appropriate labels on them.

5. Kosher Notifications

Some of your clients may have certain religious beliefs. Those religious beliefs forbid them from eating certain foods such as pork, shrimp, lobster, crabs and the like. Such people need to know if the items they’re purchasing contain those ingredients. Therefore, you can cater to your religious consumers if you label your products appropriately.

Now you know at least five good reasons to start using labels on all of your products. You can start today by ordering the software to make your labeling endeavors easier.

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