The CBD product regulation framework In Switzerland

Switzerland’s present regulatory framework allows the sale and purchase of cannabis products if the THC content is less than 1%. As a result, the industry is now particularly interested in CBD products, i.e., cannabis products with a low THC quantity but a high level of cannabinoids. It is necessary to identify the regulatory framework for CBD products by assigning the relevant items to a specific product category, such as medicinal products, ingestible, utility products (including cosmetics), or tobacco products (including tobacco replacements).

CBD product regulation framework

1. Medical supplies and equipment.

Manufacturing medical items require a government license. So does import and exporting them without them entering Switzerland. This includes acting as a broker or agent for medical products that aren’t made in Switzerland. Furthermore, only a few organizations and individuals are permitted to distribute medical supplies (e.g., apothecaries, specifically educated experts in order to CBD kaufen).

2. Products that can be ingested

Foods and drinks containing cannabidiol (CBD kaufen) intended or reasonably foreseeable to be consumed by humans are generally subject to the Federal Nutrition and Utility Products Act (FNUPA). Products of this type must be risk-free. Certain ingestible items, such as novel foods, require authorizations from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office. According to the European Commission’s Novel Food Catalog, a novel food has never been consumed by humans in Switzerland or an EU member state before May 15, 1997. Novel foods include cannabis extracts and derivatives that include cannabinoids (including CBD). Contrary to popular belief, hemp seeds, seed oil, flour, and defatted seeds made from the Cannabis sativa plant do not qualify as novel foods and can be marketed without permission to CBD kaufen.

Institutions that manufacture and distribute ingestible items must notify the appropriate cantonal authorities of their business activities, even if no authorization is needed. This is true even if the activities are low-risk or include only primary production.

3. Products of practical use (incl. cosmetics and e-cigarette liquids)

Medical or ingestible items do not fall under the umbrella term “utility products.” Products in this category are meant to contact edibles or the human body, such as CBD tinctures and cosmetics, hemp clothing, and CBD liquids for electronic cigarettes, or can be reasonably expected to do so in the future (e-cigarettes). The admission and sale of utility products are founded on the idea of self-control. Hence they are not typically subject to an authorization requirement. However, the Federal Nutrition and Utility Items Act and the corresponding legislation require that utility products be safe in this sense.

When utilizing natural CBD in cosmetics, there are additional rules that must be followed. These include demonstrating that the CBD was derived from hemp seeds or leaves when using it in cosmetics. Plant blossoms and fruit stands should not be blended with the leaves unless the resin has been removed from these stands beforehand. Due to the greater THC levels in blossom and fruit stands, CBD extracts from these plants may also have a higher THC content, which is why they are restricted.


CBD is widely utilized in e-cigarette liquids and cosmetics. Because these liquids come into touch with the mucous membranes, they are considered utility products under the Federal Nutrition and Utility Products Act and must be safe for human consumption. This also applies to the amount of CBD allowed in or added to such liquids and how CBD liquids are advertised as e-liquids, as well as chemicals with an actual or supposed pharmacological impact.

Nicotiana tabacum L. and Nicotiana rustica L. are tobacco plants, but their portions have been removed from tobacco substitutes under the Tobacco Ordinance. This includes CBD products designed to be smoked but does not include any tobacco plant parts.

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