The cricket Chevrons

Cricket has caused a great impact also in Africa, where many countries have started to build national squads of their own. Right now, you can place a bet online now on 1xBet on all these teams. In addition to South Africa, which is the most successful team from the continent, there is the Zimbabwe national team. This squad, which is also known as the Chevrons, has managed to overcome many difficulties during its existence.

Zimbabwe was accepted as a member of the International Cricket council in 1991. Since that moment, the team was officially authorized to perform in the three main forms of the sport. They correspond to:

  • One Day Internationals;
  • Twenty20 matches;
  • and also Test contests.

However, the team has not always had Test status. Still, it was able to perform in multiple competitions prior to being recognized as such. Currently, on 1xBet you can place an online bet now on the Zimbabwe team and all the other national cricket squads.

Beginnings of the team

The country that nowadays we know as Zimbabwe was previously called Rhodesia. When the country had that name, it also had a cricket team of its own. It performed in multiple different competitions, such as the Cricket World Cup. Currently on the 1xBet bookmaker – all cricket betting rate are the best that can be found across the market.

Before the creation of the Rhodesia team, the territory of Zimbabwe was represented by the South African team. This squad participated in some important competitions, including the Currie Cup.

One of the most important events for the Zimbabwean team came in 1981. During that year, the squad was admitted into the International Cricket Council as an associate member. This also helped the team to participate in the Cricket World Cup for the first time, which was in the 1983 edition. The 1xBet bookmaker features great cricket betting rates for all the available events, including the World Cup.

Difficulties endured by the team

During the 1980s and 1990s, the team performed consistently in multiple cricket competitions. All of such tournaments are available on the website to place live wagers on. However, things started to become difficult for the country of Zimbabwe as a whole. Political instability meant that many of its best players fled from the country, which severely weakened the team.

This led to some of the worst results ever of the Zimbabwean team. However, the country has started a process of recovery since then. This means that betting on it on 1xBet can be a good idea.

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