The Different Types of Business Management That Is Used Today

A recent survey found there were more than 31 million small businesses in the US. This remarkable figure highlights how many companies are competing to win a lucrative share of the industries that exist within the US marketplace. One of the most crucial factors for growing a company will be the leadership style of an employer and its key staff.

But what types of business management styles would work best in your company? This is a crucial question as using the wrong techniques could lead to employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity, and lower profits. The good news is you can choose one, or a mix, or some of the most popular business management types to achieve optimal results.

Read on to learn more about some of the common business management styles.


An autocrat makes every decision and rarely asks for the opinions of others. This method can display strong leadership and reassure employees who are reluctant to share their own views. An autocratic style allows employers to have full control of every aspect of their business, but it can also be alienating. Staff who care about the company may also want to share their views.


As a small business owner, you always have a lot on your plate, and it can be helpful to share some of the pressure with your team. A democratic leader will ask for input and ensure everyone has their say in the direction of the company. This approach can increase employee happiness, although it could also lead to more time-consuming debates.


A smart management strategy is to delegate important duties to team members, This method requires a lot of trust, as you will be relying on staff to take responsibility and handle tasks by themselves.

If you are hesitant to hand over control to employees, you can invest in training programs such as Six Sigma. This can help staff become more competent in their roles. These courses teach valuable skills, including a section on what is Six Sigma as part of the program.


A persuasive small business manager has already made their decisions, but would like their team to agree with their ideas. They will explain their reasoning, and encourage others to buy into their thought process. This approach requires patience and charisma but can be very effective.

Decide Which Types of Business Management Are Right For Your Company

It’s not necessary to only use one of these types of business management styles when running your company. You could be autocratic when making some decisions, but encourage employee input on other matters. The key is to know when to use each technique and to ensure you keep employees as happy as possible.

As you become more experienced, you could find it’s easier to switch between each management style throughout the workday.

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