The Five Most Anticipated Mobile MMORPG 2021

It is planned to release interesting MMORPGs for Android and iOS in 2021. EZNPC introduces you to the five most promising mobile MMORPGs in development. We want to introduce you to interesting Mobile MMORPGs currently under development. According to their statement, they will appear in 2021. Some of them have been established for a long time and have been with us for a while. The others are still relatively fresh and, therefore, ambitious.

Blade and Soul 2

Background: Martial Arts | Developer: NCSoft | Expected release date: South Korea in May 2021, global release in 2021 | Model: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? MMORPG is a sequel to Blade & Soul. In 2012 (released in 2016 in our case), you will explore a vast world made up of two continents. Each continent is divided into several regions.

Many of these tasks, challenges, and secrets await you. If you solve these mysteries, you will gradually see the overall picture of the area, which brings you closer to this history. Merely exploring the game world should be an adventure.

Combat is the core of the game experience. There are no courses. Your weapon determines your game style. The focus is again on martial arts. You will be able to jump high and even fly, which will participate in the battle. This means you can fight each other in flight.

What makes it so interesting, even the trailer promises that the battle is full of combat and many different combos. Besides, it is graphically reminiscent of people who can play, and it also reminds people of the entire world of the PC version.

The developer NCSoft is also known for its mobile MMORPG. The games Paradise M and Paradise 2M have been released and even created record sales. In addition to Blade and Soul 2, AION 2 is also currently being developed as a mobile MMORPG. However, little is known about the game.


A feature-rich MMORPG suitable for smartphones can be directly linked to the PC version. It has been able to convince the combat system and graphics in 2016.

With complex combos, fair PvP, and diverse dungeons, the game has also established a fan base in the western region. Blade and Soul2 can do this.


Due to the mobile controls, the battle may be less spectacular and complicated compared to the PC. Besides, discussions on the topic of Pay2Win have been conducted in the PC version. This may also threaten the mobile version.

Gran Saga

Arrangement: Animation | Developer: NPIXEL | Release Date: January 26, 2021 (Korea), in global release Model: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Gran Saga is an anime MMORPG developed in Unreal Engine 4. The vast game world is divided into different areas, as we know from ESO or Guild Wars 2.

You will play the role of one of 6 playable characters so that the number keeps increasing. With these, you can use different weapons to suit your game style.

What makes it so interesting Gran Saga takes this story very seriously and provides a fascinating weapon system:

– Depending on which weapon your hero uses, his game style will change, and the MMORPG feel will be different.

– There are more than 20 kinds of weapons in the game, each of which provides special attacks and defenses, as well as their skills and appearance.

– Weapons should be your companion for continuous improvement. Changes can be made, but mainly you are working on upgrading weapons.

– Developer NPIXEL is also developing several new mobile MMORPGs, including Chrono Odyssey.


It has a powerful JRPG story and a mobile MMO that performs many tasks in various instantiation areas. From a visual perspective, it is reminiscent of True God Impact and may eventually become a popular MMORPG in China.

In addition to focusing on the story, the weapon system also sounds exciting and stands out among other mobile MMORPGs.

However, it is known that the game relies on intuitive gameplay and provides a gacha system. In theory, it can be adjusted for global releases. Kakao Games is also responsible for the release here.


A good MMORPG, but due to Sacha’s mechanism and auto-play function, it is fundamentally not very interesting.

Warhammer Odyssey

Background: Science Fiction | Developer: Virtual Realm | Release Date: February 22, 2021 (start of beta) | Model: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Warhammer: Odyssey is a classic MMORPG that you play on your smartphone or tablet. It provides:

– 6 different professions: Archmage, Shadow Warrior, Wizard Hunter, Warrior Priest, Killer, Engineer

– You can customize the hero

– You need to perform many story tasks and auxiliary tasks

– In these missions, you will meet well-known characters in the world of Warhammer

– There should be guilds and unique guild content

– You will explore famous sights that are already well-known in World of Warhammer, such as the city of Marienburg or the Drakwald forest.

– What makes it so exciting Warhammer: Odyssey leaves a good graphic impression. It also promised to give up autoplay. This is almost the standard configuration of a mobile MMORPG.

– Therefore, you have to fight manually, pursue goals, talk to NPCs and upgrade your heroes.

– Another exciting aspect is the Warhammer license. This may attract some fans of the series.


This may be a classic MMORPG, and you can play it on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

The game brings an exciting story in the world of Warhammer, tough boss fights, and auction houses for trading with other players. Besides, it has promised to update the content regularly.


The new MMORPG with a Warhammer license has disappointed players. According to World of Warcraft, a game appeared in Warhammer Online as early as 2008 that wanted to overthrow the throne. As we all know, this was unsuccessful.

Diablo Immortal

Scene: Fantasy | Developer: Blizzard Entertainment | Expected release date: 2021 | Model: Pay2Play

What kind of game is this? It is Diablo for smartphones but has more MMO aspects. Therefore, the competition promises:

– Multiple servers on which multiple characters can be created

– One of 6 professions: Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader

– Hubs (cities) where you will meet many other participants

– The dungeon is suitable for four players

– A trading center where players can sell items to each other, like the trading system in Path of Exile, through high-value Poe Currency to exchange needed weapons and equipment.

– Weekly rewards

Keep the classic Hack’n Slay, where you can kill hordes of opponents and find the best possible loot.

What makes it so interesting Diablo is a top-rated game from Blizzard with a considerable fan base. However, she initially had questions about Diablo Immortal. This mobile game was announced at BlizzCon 2018, but it has received a lot of criticism. This is also because the audience wants to use Diablo 4 on PC.

In October 2020, Immortal was tested internally by Blizzard employees and was considered good. The first Alpha test without NDA will also be held around the 2020 holiday. Here, the tester’s conclusion is also affirmative.


The perfect mobile version of Diablo has a complex game system, dynamic gameplay between the two, and excellent production value.

Mobile technology is the main thrust of Activision for financial reasons, and Blizzard is now following closely behind. They hope to use Diablo Immortal to cause a sensation in Asia while also attracting core gamers from the United States and Europe to mobile games.

This is why Diablo Immortal is very important to Blizzard, so they will spend some time solving this problem.


The appalling old-fashioned, no different from similar mobile games. Mobile action role-playing games from China are everywhere.

Odin: Valhalla Rising

Decoration: Vikings | Developer: Lionheart Studio | Release Date: Second quarter of 2021 in South Korea, to be determined | Model: Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Odin: Valhalla Rising takes you into the world of Norse mythology. You will travel to Midgard, Nidawellir, and Albenheim and meet famous people such as Odin or Thor.

It is impossible to provide exact details about the gameplay. Still, you have already seen information in the trailer that you can fight giants and dragons and fly on giant dragons or butterflies. It seems possible to travel by boat.

The excellent graphics of the mobile MMORPG has attracted particular attention. As early as 2019, the first trailer was reminiscent of Skyrim, and now it also shows the first gameplay.

What makes it so attractive? In addition to the graphics and settings of the game, the publisher is fascinating. Because of Odin: Kakao Games publish Valhalla Rising.

They have promised to release it globally, and MMORPG first appeared in South Korea. It is not clear when the game will appear before our eyes.


With its graphics and current hype set Vikings, it is at least likely to arouse people’s interest. With Kakao Games, there is also a major publisher behind the game, which has published many games worldwide.

However, to obtain specific instructions, more precise details about gameplay must be disclosed because it is difficult to understand this with the help of the current video.


Valhalla Rising may be a pure graphics mixer. Because although the game is scheduled to be released this year, there are few details.

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