The Major Parts of a Silage Choppers

Silage is a feed given to cattle, sheep, goats, and other cud-chewing animals. It is prepared by preserving green foliage crops by fermentation through a process known as ensilage to an acidic state. Effective fermentation is chopped finely using a machine to save on time and maximize production.

Making silage involves cutting the foliage into small pieces, which when by hand can be tedious and tiring as well as time-consuming. The invention of the machine to assist in this came as a relief to many farmers. The machines available in the market are operated using fuel engines, electric motors, or a tractor. For an effective operation of an electric one, the following parts are involved.

Inlet Conveyor Belt

Many accidents occur during handling chopping machines. Many have sustained injuries when manually pushing the foliage straws. To curb the menace, the manufacturer installed a conveyor belt. The inlet conveyor belt helps to slide in foliage straws in the machine for cutting safely. The operator only has to place the foliage on the inlet conveyor belt and release it for chopping.

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A lock nut is installed to resist loosening when exposed to vibration. The inlet conveyor belt is connected to the electric motor to facilitate its turning. This constant turning causes vibration and torque that can cause the snapping of the belt. The threaded locknut is installed to keep it fastened, assuring the operator’s safety.

Gear Shift Lever

Silage requires the foliage chopped into pieces whose sizes vary depending on the foliage used. On understanding this, the manufacture of the silage chopper installed a gear shift lever to adjust the length of the foliage chopped straw. Whenever the gear is moved, it causes the distance of the cutting blades to increase or decrease hence adjusting the length of the chopped straw.

Cutting Blades

The cutting blades are used in facilitating the chopping process. The electric motor turns them with the help of a hardened rubber ring. The turning of the motor rotates the strong steel durable very sharp blades, cutting the foliage straws into desirable sized pieces. Chopping machines can have 4 or 6 cutting blades.

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Electric Motor

The electric motor is used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. The interaction between a magnetic field and a direct or alternating current generates a force that creates motion. The created motion facilitates the turning of the reinforced rubber ring—the turning results in the rotation of the cutting blades chopping the foliage. Also turns the outlet conveyor belt.


The strong, well-designed frame is made to withstand the whole operations of the machine. The frame is easy to assemble and offers maximum protection to the operator. The feeder faces up as the outlet faces down to reduce on wastage of the chopped foliage. It comes with wheels to facilitate easy movement since it is portable.


The strong frame makes it safe for the operator to use. The small size and lightweight enable portability and convenience. The steel blades make cutting effective and long-lasting. The electric motor is silent when running and causes less pollution. The conveyor belt reduces the chances of accidents while operating. Understanding the different parts eases maintenance and home repair.

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