The Most Striking Slot EVA 777 Rating

Evangelion anime-style graphics and anime series slot has a few favorite games which acting some famous character. This post-apocalyptic themed around players with bonus rounds and won exciting possibility is there. The principal actor, this renowned game, is Roy, Asuka, Mark, and Shinji.  

Eva777 is the best famous slot for the game: reliable and guaranteed platforms in the current world.

Familiar you for those slots like is Evangelion slot. If you have ever tried “Evangelion AT777”, an alias, “Eva 777,” would also be many. In 2019 it became the introduced models. Here, for Eva 777 slot, I tried to review while even including personal feel.

Eva 777 is the number of games ceiling none

There is no ceiling by the number of games in the Evangelion AT777. The roof is often made to how much seems to mind is broken, not know how I can play in a slot that is not configured. However, the Eva 777, there was a “CZ-through number of times the ceiling!”

And in the same scenario to fail many times in CZ (chance zone), it will be the bonus determined in CZ winning for the third time to Fifth.


When Eva AT777 has failed entered many times in the CZ is possible to time. Still, the bonus is given, it is possible to obtain a comparatively large quantity of coins and more time-consuming in this bonus; I consider that a relatively best model than others.

Apostle battle

Since the Evangelion serial of the slot, these things called apostle battle to Eva 777 is available. The apostle battle has increased the introduction of winning to shed BIG. It can win the BIG when you destroy that of the apostle in the apostle battle. Besides, BIG and concerning the Apostles battle more likely to go many times, making it often can be a lap. 

The evaluation of Evangelion AT777?

Evangelion AT777 is the latest slot model of the Evangelion series; it has earned high praise. Eva 777 has been constructed here and there for people to continue to play. It has been produced in consideration also a fan of Evangelion serial. So, If you like Evangelion, it is a model that more enjoyable.

There is a lot of opportunities, time, and bonuses. BIG achievement in such apostle warfare also is a sure possibility. Because the quantity of games is not fixed to the upper limit, many people might hesitate to play. However, Evangelion AT777 feels that it is likely to strike before stretching the ceiling than the other ideal models.

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Evangelion or series of the Sulo can win?

Evangelion serial of slot and pachinko is enough to win that it is the impression that plays. It may also strike as I consider that it would be more likely than the other ideal models. However, whether strike, because there is a ceiling, has not set the pertaining slot to become luck even if not outside strike in like bonus may also say to be won to see the total.

Not restricted to エヴァ 777, it offers various production until the Evangelion of the slot win. So, not at all bitter that have to play to win is an entertaining slot have hit. In particular, it has become a more irresistible performance for those who love Evangelion.

Finally, Say that the Eva777 slot is the best platform in Evangelion games, which is more striking and more consuming than all other competition.

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