The new Include Steora smart bench

The new Steora City smart bench is the most powerful bench ever created in the world. Built-in artificial intelligence ensures accurate display of outdoor advertising, making the bench the ideal solution for public places. The new Steora City model also provides adaptive fast device charging and information about the environment around the bench – all packaged in a self-contained and environmentally friendly product with the possibility of renewal. We provide full installation and support. Vertical Solutions SIA offers full warranty and post-warranty service. Project managers compile all the necessary documents and manage projects from start to finish. You can be sure that your equipment will be installed in accordance with the standards, applying the optimal solution. We also guarantee quality timely support.

Charges the world. The seat hides vandal proof polycarbonate solar panels that feed an intelligent Li-ion battery pack able to track the weather. AI spreads the collected electricity over time to serve more users. Illuminates the night. Bottom of the seat houses LED strips controlled by an ambient light sensor that tracks natural lighting conditions and turns on automatically. If you prefer, you can set the time the light turns on using Solos dashboard. Feels everything. Sensors in the City bench track temperature, humidity, pressure – it can even count how many people sat on it, how long they stayed, did they charge their devices over USB or Qi fast adaptive chargers. City feels and knows everything that goes on. Get your ride in order. Cyclo’s bike repair station holds Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, hexagons size 4, 5 and 6 and wrenches from size 7 to 16. Built in air compressor unit allows riders to check the tire pressure and top up their tires using a schrader or presta valve. Keeps your ride safe. Base of the bench doubles as a sturdy bike rack with enough space for three vehicles and provides ambient lighting through LED hidden under the seat. A backrest with more solar panels can be added to increase the autonomous power output. 230 V charge for vehicles. Polycarbonate solar panels hidden in the seat provide enough “juice” to power basic functions, but Cyclo needs 220 V power grid connection to handle charging 3 electric bikes or scooters at the same time. Compatible with Xiaomi, Lime, Bird, Razor and Segway batteries.

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