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The Perfect Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

There is a wild, highly energetic and cute room in every house- and that is the kids’ bedroom. As soon as a child is conceived, a mother imagines and contemplates the various needs of this soon-to-be-born kid and tries to prepare the house with the best arrangements in order to welcome the newborn. On the other hand, some parents like to wait until their kid is a bit older and ready to sleep independently in their own room. Whatever the case, decorating and setting up a kids’ bedroom in your house is an inevitable task and one which is quite exciting too. Wakefit has a range of cool and modern furniture dedicated to kids’ bedrooms.

Besides buying good furniture, one also needs to explore their creativity and study the trending interior designs of kids’ bedrooms. To help you in the process, we have curated the below list of ideas that are worth trying while setting up your perfect kid’s perfect bedroom:

Cribs, Cradles and Bed

Kids’ beds are the most significant part of any kid’s bedroom. Parents often choose cribs & cradles online to create a nursery for their newborn. There are endless ways to get creative with a nursery. Bright colourful bedsheets to cover the baby mattress, baby drysheets with cartoon characters, musical hanging toys and a cute, vibrant wallpaper are the essentials to make any baby fall in love with their nursery.

As the child ages, parents replace this with a single poster bed. The headboard can be decorated and customised with the kid’s favourite cartoon characters. In the case of multiple kids sharing the same room, bunk beds are a great option. They can be used to save space and also use the adjoining wall to store bedtime stories. The adjoining wall can be covered with wallpaper, such as the night sky or the universe, lit by a soft LED night light to create a calm, sleeping environment for the kids.

Another way to get creative with the kids’ beds is to loft them up. This helps to utilise vertical space while allowing the kids to experience and enjoy various themes like treehouses, camping tents or even a spaceship. It makes even waking up in the morning a fun part of the day! Nice trick to get the kids to wake up early for school!

A Dedicated Art Wall

Kids are extremely creative and often unleash their talent by scribbling on the floors and walls. Instead of stopping them, we can encourage the kids to explore freely by setting aside an art wall for them. This wall can be covered by a huge chalkboard or a sketch board for them to conduct their art experiments. Besides this, transform the walls and make them colourful by hanging posters and paintings done by the kids.

Cool, Chic Study Space

Another aspect of the kids’ bedroom ideas is the open study space. Try keeping it near the window to allow sufficient sunlight and ventilation inside the room. Use cool and chic study tables, preferably wall-mounted, to save space in smaller rooms. Go for a white desk and chair, making the room seem larger and well-lit. You may also use wooden shelves to store stationery and other important items.


Amongst the variety of kids’ furniture online, the chair is a must-have. For kids to play with a group of friends or enjoy some reading time alone, suitable seating is much needed. For some quiet time alone, either to play video games or read stories, kids rocking chair is a good choice. Kids love rocking chairs as they can be fun and allow an enjoyable sitting time.

Using colourful rugs can add and enhance the kids’ bedroom. You can use round-shaped or rectangular rugs to create a playing area for the kids. These rugs can act as protective flooring for the kids to crawl, sit and roll around on.

Create A Fun Gallery Wall

Most kids and teenagers love photography. Why not give their hobby a boost by creating a dedicated wall in the room to display their photography collection. You can further enhance this section of the room by illuminating the wall with golden fairy lights surrounding the suspended polaroid.

Store Creatively

The kids’ room definitely needs sufficient storage boxes to store the variety of items in the room, such as toys, stationery, blankets, books and more. Instead of using conventional boring-looking storage boxes, opt for funky, cool-looking storage boxes to serve the dual purpose of storing as well as decorating the room. There are various designs of storage in the boxes, for instance, shelves shaped like a dollhouse, unicorn-shaped storage box, and floating shelves shaped like clouds.

Lastly, keep in mind that this is your kids’ bedroom, so reimagine the space from their point of view to arouse their interest in their room. Discuss with them their favourite colours, favourite cartoon characters, and their hobbies while designing their personal space and see how their eyes light with excitement every time they enter their room!

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