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The process of finding SEO reseller programs

Think of virtual business and the first thing that pops into the mind is SEO. These days every business no matter the size and nature are looking for SEO services to scale their business.

Do you wish to capture this demand and provide SEO services? However, you do not have the SEO providing skills??? So, here is what you need to do: Choose SEO reseller programs.

What is SEO reseller program??

It is the process of hiring an SEO agency that would handle all the SEO activities on your behalf while you be the face of the business to the client.

Interesting and quite lucrative business option isn’t it??? So, if you wish to tread this path and choose SEO reseller programs, then here is how you should hire them:

Start with Self

Before you look out, define your requirement.

  1. This starts with first being sure that your clients are looking for SEO services, you are confident that adding SEO services to your portfolio will lead to additional revenue to your existing business.
  2. Once you are sure, define what is the kind of association you are looking for. Are you looking for a high-end agency or an agency that is mid-level and growing. Ideally, choosing a mid-level agency is suggested to ensure that you are not exploited and at the same it becomes a mutual win-win situation.

Find the one

Once the expectation and requirement is set, it’s time to find the one. Here is how you can find your best SEO reseller partner:

  1. Start with an online search. Isn’t it necessary that an agency that promises to offer SEO services has done it right for itself??? So, do an online search and you will get the names that are actually walking the talk. Remove the agencies that are too high or too startups. Look for agencies that are new but have done a good amount of work.
  2. Start the scrutiny: After eliminating the non-suitable, start scrutinising the eligible one. You may ask what to look for??? Start with their profile i.e. what the agency is, do they offer all the SEO services, what is their team size, what is the skillset etc. Once you understand the theory of their business, it’s time to check the practicals i.e. their actual work profile. Look at their client list. In other words, check what are the business types that they have served, what are the kind of milestones they have achieved and check the online presence of the clients. This will help you to actually see whether the SEO is working for the clients they have mentioned.
  3. Start the conversation: By the time you finish the first and the second step, you are almost left with very few names out of the list. That’s when you need to actually start speaking business. At this stage, what you need to look for is compatibility. In other words, you are clear that the agency knows the job but you need to see whether they are working friendly in terms of style of working, understanding and communication levels. Choose the agency that is open in communication and transparent at work. These two qualities are very important because when you collaborate with an SEO reseller, you are basically a middleman between the client and the SEO agency.

Work in sync

Once the above-mentioned process is achieved, you would definitely manage to onboard the SEO agency. Now once the association begins, here is what is needed:

  1. Start the association with an agreement. This is mandatory because, at end of the day, you must remember that the SEO agency is an external party. Therefore, a clear understanding of work must be documented.
  2. Once the SEO agency is onboard, to ensure that you make the best of the association, you must have a rigorous marketing strategy to identify and develop clients. The more you onboard clients, the beneficial the association will prove.
  3. Most of the agencies tend to hide the SEO agency that they have associated with from the clients. This is because there is a possibility that the client may directly approach the agency. But one more rule says that it is better to disclose the agency name because it helps build trust among clients and the SEO agency. The SEO agency would ensure that it doesn’t encourage a direct client approach and the client would be sure that you are there to ensure the smooth functioning of the services.
  4. Though the SEO agency is responsible for all the SEO services, it is always suggested to conduct review meetings at regular intervals to ensure that the work is being done well and the clients are happy.

Thus, collaborating with an SEO reseller program is definitely lucrative, but it is to be remembered that it calls for your personal effort as well.

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