The SEO Checklist: How to Rank Your Website

Of all avenues for digital marketing, one of the most effective in creating exposure for a brand is search engine optimization or SEO. However, it also leaves many entrepreneurs puzzled and perplexed. While the vast majority of internet users have grown accustomed to relying on tools like Bing, Google, and Yahoo when searching the World Wide Web, not many understand how these search engines work and how to achieve high rankings in the search results. The reality is that despite the simplicity of SEO’s concept, the execution of its strategies can be tricky. Fortunately, by sticking to the fundamentals of SEO, you can step up your efforts, whether you’re looking to establish brand awareness for your startup or a much bigger enterprise SEO. In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to cross out on your SEO checklist to rank your website.

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1. Clean up your website’s structure

The layout of your website must be organized so that visitors can find their way around its pages and find what they’re looking for easily. In addition, the internal links connecting web pages must offer content that educates users, addresses inquiries and concerns on your business’ offerings, or keeps them engaged in relevant ways. 

  1. Offers substantial content

The website’s content should be as relevant to your target keywords as it is substantial enough to justify its existence. Publishing punch and skimmable material might sound like a good idea, but the algorithms behind search engines like Google are becoming more intelligent. If it detects that you’re using Blackhat methods like automating content, keyword stuffing, or link schemes, you’ll end up lowering your ranking on the search engine results pages or SERPs. 

Conversely, if you upload quality content, not only will you engage your current audience. But you’ll help your site improve its rankings. As a result, you’ll attract even more users to the fold and give your business more opportunities to generate conversions and leads. 

  1. Add relevant title tags

Also referred to as a page tag, title tags are essentially the headlines for the Web pages that appear on search results. If you want to reel in more people to your website, you must ensure that they’re as descriptive and specific as possible. When used in tandem with meta descriptions, which are much longer blurbs about the content, it can encourage people to click on the link of your website more than it would have without it.

  1. Mobile optimization is key

Now that more mobile users are browsing the Web, it makes sense to ensure that your online domain is easy to interact with using smartphones and tablets. An aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website on mobile devices will enable you to connect to this sizable market. Furthermore, since Google itself prioritizes it, you’ll also present yourself with the opportunity of elevating your ranking by doing so.

  1. Keep your online domain secure 

A top priority for Google is HTTPS encryption, and it usually shows warnings whenever users visit an unencrypted website.  Because of this, you must work closely with reputable website builders that consider security concerns a priority. Beyond encrypting data and preventing cyberattacks, it will also protect your target audience and enable you to improve your position on the search engine results.

  1. Avoid Blackhat techniques for your enterprise SEO

It can be tempting to resort to Blackhat techniques to achieve the desired outcome quickly. However, doing so will only put you at risk of lowering your ranking even more. So fight the urge of doing so and rely on practiced methods instead.


Search engine optimization isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a colossal endeavor that is usually best left in an expert’s capable hands. But that isn’t to say it’s impossible to attain success by doing it yourself. And by following this checklist, you’ll improve your chances of getting to the top of the results page.

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