The Things about Youtube Music

Youtube has launched a streaming music application, Youtube Music in some countries. It has some great features making you differentiate it from the other streaming music applications. What is it? What makes you prefer this music application to the others?

What Is Youtube Music? 

Youtube Music is a part of a giant internet video application, YouTube. What is YouTube Music? It is similar to Spotify or not. You may wonder why this music application. It is a music streaming application that is close to Spotify. Besides providing video clip content, the users can enjoy search features from Google. It eases the searching process if you want to find unknown song titles. It means that you can fill in the lyrics or another keyword to start a searching process.

It is similar to the general streaming service in which it will have a special treatment applied to subscribed customers being premium users. A premium user will have music streaming access without advertisements and download songs to play offline. Both Google Play Store and iOS App Store have provided the application of YouTube Music to download in an introduction period. During this period, you can get free access for three months. If you love listening to songs and music from YouTube, you can try to use a good alternative from Youtube Music Premium with free advertisements.

The Differences of YouTube Music to the Other Streaming Music Applications

People come and open YouTube to enjoy music moments like concerts or music festivals. YouTube gives an amazing experience in music. You can try to use Youtube Music and compare it to the other streaming music applications. It has some amazing differences making you move your heart to this application.

Complete Content YouTube becomes the right place and platform to cover and remix songs. The contents are available in YouTube Music. You can only watch music videos but you can listen to official music and albums, single remixes, rare music, and live concerts. You can only find it on YouTube Music.

1. Special Recommendations

A home screen of the application will adapt dynamically and give a recommendation based on the music that you listen to and activities to do. Personalization is so crucial on YouTube Music. You know the kind of music to listen to and consume on YouTube. You can make a recommendation for personalization on YouTube music. Thus, when the users are doing exercises or gym, you can find the right music on Youtube music.

2. Thousands of Playlist

There will be thousands of playlists from various genres, moods, activities, or languages. You will find the best song playlist and music on YouTube Music.

3. Search Feature

Google has a great skill to be a search engine. It will collaborate perfectly with YouTube Music. You will use it on this application to search for your favorite music. If you don’t know the title of the song, you can insert song lyrics and it will search for it. Though the typed lyrics on the search column are wrong, Google Search is still able to search and track your meant songs.

4. Latest and Most Popular Videos

With Youtube Music, the users can recognize the latest and most popular videos into a hotlist column. You can get hotlist columns for pop, dance, heavy rock, rock, indie, hip hop, and others.

5. Audio/Video Turning Modes

YouTube Music enables the users to move between audio or video with one press. The unique feature enables the subscribers of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium to move songs or music videos. Of course, it makes a listening and music watching experience perfect and run smoothly.

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