These Tips Can Help You Protect Your Home WI-FI Network

As soon as your WIFI access gets out into the world, it can become much difficult to shield your home WIFI network from hackers and cyberattacks. Each one of us has installed a WIFI router in our home so that we could provide internet access to all the family members.

It is usual to give the password of your WIFI network to your guests once they ask for it as they want to check something on the internet. You cannot simply say them no as they’re your guests and you need to host them properly. Just like that, many people become aware of your WIFI password and they can connect their devices to it once they pass by your house.

Unlike physical networks, WIFI networks have the ability to extend beyond the walls of your house. If you’re living in an apartment building, the signals of your WIFI network can extend into neighboring apartments as well. Before you know it, your WIFI passwords get out into the world and it can become harder for you to control who can access your home WIFI network.

No matter how many privacy settings you apply to your internet router or install hidden spy apps for Android or iPhone on your devices to keep a track of them, you cannot do much to prevent your systems from a malicious cyberattack.

Thankfully, we can follow some tips to protect our home WIFI network from hackers and all sorts of cyberattacks. Let’s take a look at them.

Set a Difficult Password for Your Router

It is important to set a complicated password for your WIFI router. Most people do not pay much heed to set a difficult password for their internet router because they cannot go through the hassle of remembering a difficult password. For their own ease, they set an easy password so that they can remember it easily.

However, this can cause a big problem for you. An easy password is easy to guess and anyone can access your home WIFI network. Even a hacker can guess the password of your home WIFI network and access the connection. So, if you do not want an unknown person to access your WIFI network then you should set a complicated password for your router. A WIFI password should be long and must be a combination of different characters including letters, numbers, and special characters.

Limit Access to Your WIFI Password

When you install a WIFI router in your home, it is pretty much necessary to give access to the WIFI to your partner, your kids, their friends as well as your friends. However, it is not necessary to give out the password to everyone that visits your home.

Any commercial visitor shouldn’t require access to your WIFI network to get some information from the internet while they visit your place for some work. Their employer should give them a USB modem or data plan if they visit your home to provide a service.

Change the WIFI Password Frequently

It is recommended to change the password of your home WIFI network frequently. Though there is no hard and fast rule about how frequently you should change the password of the WIFI router, you still need to do it on your own.

We do understand that creating and memorizing a new password every now and then can be a bit of a hassle and annoying as you have to log in with the new credentials all the time. But because WIFI routers typically require you to only enter the credentials once when you are logging in so you can get indefinite access, changing the WIFI password every now and then shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

You should make it a monthly routine to change the password of your home WIFI router. For instance, you can change the password on the first of every month and follow this routine regularly. Do not forget to remember the new password that you have set for your WIFI router.

Turn Off the WIFI Router

It is also recommended to turn off your WIFI router if you are not using it. There might be a few exceptions when you wouldn’t want to turn off your WIFI router. For example, if you want to download a big file or movie that requires you to leave the download running overnight. At other times, you really do not need to use the network while you are sleeping.

It is a good idea to turn off all the electronics at night before going to bed. You can also consider unplugging them before sleeping. This is considered a safety measure against any sparks that may cause your appliances to burn. Also, it is a good practice to protect the environment.

You can also consider turning off your WIFI router when you are going to work. The fewer hours your home WIFI network stays active, there will be a less possibility of a cyberattack or attack by the hacker. It will also prevent your neighbors to access your WIFI while you are not at home. You can also bring your electricity bill down if you turn off the electrical appliances including your WIFI router when you’re not using it.

Use a VPN

Another best thing to secure your home WIFI network is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). People use VPNs to improve their privacy on the internet. They also protect your WIFI router from outside intrusion. If you or your family members use WIFI networks in public places such as restaurants, cafes, libraries, or airports, then you can protect your devices from online hackers by using a VPN service.One such reliable VPN and proxy source is the RARBG mirror.

Public WIFI networks are unsafe because they are open and can be accessed by anyone. It is much easier for a hacker to access your device if you both are connected to the same public WIFI connection. The hacker can easily steal data from your device or insert malware into your device. As soon as you bring an infected device home and connect it to your home WIFI network, your router becomes infected with malware too. Therefore, you need to use a VPN service to protect your home WIFI routers from hackers.

When you secure your home WIFI network by adopting the above-mentioned tips, you can keep your internet connection safe even for your kids. Kids and teens are exposed to several online dangers on the internet. Besides installing an effective iPhone or Android spy software on their device, it is also your responsibility to provide them with a safe and hazardless internet experience.

Speaking of spy software, we would suggest you check out the Mobistealth monitoring software. The Mobistealth monitoring software has emerged to be one of the best monitoring solutions in the last few years, given the sort of services it provides to its customers. From monitoring to phone calls, texts, emails, internet history, social media, and location history, the Mobistealth app does all the work for you in ensuring your kids do not feel threatened on the internet and have a safe online experience.

Therefore, besides doing everything to protect your home’s internet connection, you should also give Mobistealth a try. That way you can provide an additional layer of security to your kids while they are browsing the internet.

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