Things which can help you playing Basketball

Become one with the ball – dribbling is a flowing movement, similar to a piston movement. Hit the ball against the ground, don’t hit it. Spread your fingers slightly apart and don’t cramp them. At the end of the pushing movement, bend your wrist so that it can “accompany” the ball. If you are threatened by the opponent, get down on your knees and dribble deep. Protect your ball with the other arm and your body. The faster you run, the higher and further forward you should dribble. Look at the game, not your ball! You have to feel it on your fingers!

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In distress? No problem!

When training the passes, it can be assumed that (almost) always an opponent is there who wants to thwart this. To prevent his pass from being intercepted, the player has two options: she can bypass her opponent or play her pass over her. In both cases the starting position is the same: it is important to “pack” the ball on both sides. In this position the ball is protected and the player is ready for a pass, a dribble or a throw.

Two-handed sideways pass: to bypass the opponent

Pack the ball! Stretch your arms and pass (the palms facing outwards, see picture). Accompany the movement with a sideways step! Keep your arms straight until the ball has left your hands!

Ground pass: The same movement, directed towards the ground, the ball hits the ground after two thirds of the distance!
Overhead pass: The ball is played over the opponent (pass of the center out of the trapezoid or vice versa).

Same starting position, ball a little higher. Raise the ball and quickly stretch your arms to accelerate the ball. Give the impulse out of the whole body!

Get out of dribbling, for advanced players

Benefit from the momentum of dribbling to pass the ball to a teammate. Your fingers and the top of your palm push the ball

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The basket in sight

Hold the ball with the roots of the fingers of your hand slightly apart; the second hand supports the side. The feet, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hand and basket are in one line. Hold the ball at forehead level. Trigger your movement from the legs to the end of the arm. Carry out the movement exactly to its end by folding down your wrist. Folding it down gives the ball the impulse to rotate backwards.


After one last high and powerful dribble, you take a long cross step to get under the basket. Then drag your left foot so that your feet and shoulders are parallel to the board. This throw allows you to keep your opponent behind you.

If your opponent does not have the ball, defend so that you can see both him and the ball. As long as your opponent is far from the ball, you can distance yourself a little. But you have to keep an eye on him and the ball and the basket at your back!

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