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Tips for Changing the Atmosphere of a Dark Room to Brighter

A dark room often creates a feeling of depression and a gloomy impression. With indirect light and direct light that is abundant and organized, dark rooms can look friendlier and brighter. The light blues and yellows of the sun on the walls and furniture bring out a beachy vibe even in a dark room. Meanwhile, matte white (blackish white) combined with curved and straight shapes and textiles creates a romantic feel. Smooth surfaces, glossy surfaces, vibrant colors, vivid shapes, and graphic patterns reflect modernity and bring brightness to dark rooms. A bright room can be styled in many different styles. It is enough to choose the right colors and materials to turn a dark room into a light one. Mirrors, glass, and crystal are also suitable as decorations in an effort to make dark room brighter.

Light in all corners

Dark rooms need enlightenment. When the right light shines through every dark corner, the room looks bright and welcoming. If the room is not only dark but also cramped, it is not possible to install a floor lamp. This is why proper selection and use of space is important. For harmonious basic lighting, a headlight is required. For example, a ceiling lamp or a beautiful pendulum lamp. If you want to use it effectively to produce more light, you can choose a pendulum lamp with several lights. Or a chandelier with lots of crystals. If the ceilings are low, the room can be visually spacious with a long pendulum lamp. So that the main light is suitable for use during the day and comfortable for the night, adjust the brightness of the lights with a dimmable switch.

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A spotlight as an additional light source in addition to a ceiling lamp or pendulum lamp is required wherever direct light is required. It can be in the reading room, dining area/ room, work desk, favorite place to watch television, or play area/ room. The flexibility of the corners or lighting panels will come in handy. For example, a ceiling lamp combined with a sitting lamp will fulfill two functions. First, the sitting lamp casts a pretty light upward and illuminates a dark room in a fun way. Secondly, at the same time the lamp emits light directly in the required direction. Especially in a dark room, accent lighting is absolutely necessary to produce a calming atmosphere. Glass cabinets or shelves in the living room, favorite paintings on the walls, or unique decorations can look more beautiful with light.

Bright furniture

Light-colored furniture reflects light and makes a dark room more cheerful. With white furniture in front of sun-yellow walls, even the darkest room suddenly radiates friendliness. For example, white wooden furniture with curved accents and ornaments. If you like, please re-furnish the furniture with straight lines and shapes in white until the surface looks shiny. Bright pastel shades can also be an option. The soft blue color brings a cool sea atmosphere, while the light pink color brings freshness to the room. In order not to seem monotonous, bright furniture can consist of several shades of color. Soft ivory, for example, can be combined with matte white furniture. The light blue chairs match the beige wood table. A contrasting colored chair or table between uniform white furniture can also make the room look more pleasant. The same effect can also be produced by placing dark wooden furniture in front of a brightly colored wall.

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