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Tips for selecting between an attached and a detached garage

If you don’t want to leave your expensive car exposed to elements of nature, then a garage is exactly what you’re looking for to safeguard your pricey investment from harsh weather, thieves and other issues. But should you go for an attached or a detached garage? This is an important question.

While both the garages offer the security you need, both have pros and cons. Let’s assess which one’s a better option for you:

When selecting between an attached or detached garage, you should ask yourself some questions. Do you need it? Can you customize it according to your requirement? What are permitting laws of your city?

Detached garages

Detached garages have become quite popular as people no longer want a traditional garage look for your home. Getting a unique and modern look by letting your home stand out is what’s being preferred nowadays.


Customization: Depending on the layout, a detached garage offers a great option to customize your garage as you want. Once you know your city’s regulations and construction guidelines, you can construct an oversized detached garage for your home. It will serve as a workspace, storage space and vehicle parking space.

Space: Detached garages have the scope of future expansion as they have the space available for them. You are not bound by your existing home when constructing a detached garage.

Security: If a burglar enters your detached garage, your home and family will still be secure from the intruder.


The only drawback of a detached garage is when you buy groceries and other items; you have to walk a long distance from your garage to home.

Attached garages

Attached garages are known for their convenience when you talk about vehicle storage. They offer a good aesthetic, boost your curb appeal, and enhance the overall value of your house.

Convenience: You don’t have to face the hassle of walking from your garage to your home. This is helpful when you have groceries or other items.

Low cost: an attached garage is cost-effective as you already have existing walls.

Better resale value: If you want to sell your home but don’t have a garage, it works as a major drawback for potential buyers.


The only drawback that attached garages have is security and zoning. Getting the right permit to construct an attached garage is tough and costly if you have a structure from before. Also, it impacts the safety of your home. If a burglar enters your garage, he can also get access to your house from the garage. So, it keeps your garage and home in a dangerous position.

Choose the ideal option for you

It is suggested to pick the ideal option for you. Whether you choose an attached or detached garage, it is important to select garage packages Calgary to get your garage constructed at best possible rate. If you are ready to take the first step, then discuss the packages now and get your garage customized as you have always wanted.

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