Tips to Recover After a Breast Lift Surgery

In Australia and its major cities like Sydney, approximately 1.6 million people search for topics related to cosmetic surgery. In Sydney, breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery, with 17.1% of the population opting for it. A breast lift procedure is a suitable option for women who feel unconfident with their sagging breasts. A procedure of breast lift in Sydney that takes into consideration your circumstances and goals will provide you with an end result that makes you feel more confident of your appearance. As you feel more comfortable with your body, you thus enhance your quality of life. A smooth recovery process after the surgery helps women achieve a better overall outcome. Below are some things to consider when you are recovering from this surgery.

Manage Your Discomfort

You may have a concern regarding the discomforts you may experience post-surgery. But you’ll be surprised to notice that the pain levels are easily manageable. Your doctor will prescribe you certain oral pain medications that you will be required to take for two to three days. These medications will help you to get through any pain you may feel. Do not take any medications, either oral or topical, that your surgeon has not approved. Also, avoid taking aspirin and vitamin E. They thin the blood and result in bleeding.

Take Adequate Rest

You need to take plenty of rest to recover well. When you want to sleep, prop up at a 30-degree angle. It will control swelling. Invest in a bed wedge if you feel that you’ll roll off from the propped pillows while sleeping. Also, refrain from sleeping on the stomach. You should also not strain your upper body for at least 21 days post-surgery. If you feel much swelling on your breasts, you can use cold compresses for managing it.

Take Care of Your Incisions

Ensure that your surgical incisions are clean and look for signs of infections. You can bathe one day after your surgery, but not if you have steri-strips over the incisions. The surgeon will instruct you to keep them dry. When they are dry, they don’t fall off earlier on. The stitches get removed in a week’s time, but they are absorbable. They can dissolve on their own. You must not allow your incision area to come in contact with water till the scabs have formed and disappeared. That means you need to stay away from pools, tubs or spas for a period of two weeks. Apart from that, don’t drive for three days post-surgery. It will prevent any strain from accumulating on the incisions. To know the exact timing, consult your surgeon.

Consume a Healthy Diet

You must consume a healthy diet to give your body the needed energy for recovering properly. Incorporate food items rich in vitamin K like yogurt, lettuce, and eggs. These foods will help in minimising swelling. If you feel that you are experiencing too much swelling, limit your salt intake. It’s also essential to hydrate with at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep your energy levels. Refrain from taking alcoholic drinks for 21 days after surgery. These can dehydrate you and also lead to fluid retention in your body.

In Sydney, around 7000 people opted for a breast lift procedure in 2018. Loose and sagging skin around the breast area is common in those who go through pregnancy, ageing, menopause and sudden weight loss. A surgical procedure of breast lift in Sydney is performed on those who feel they want to look more fit and confident.

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