To juice or not to juice… What is the best time to drink freshly squeezed juices?

Have you ever wondered when the best time to grab a glass of fresh juice in order to keep yourself healthy with a solid dose of energy is? Should it be in the morning, before breakfast or maybe in the evening? We investigated this topic and are ready to ease your doubts!

We need to highlight that drinking juice should not be a replacement for a meal. It is indeed an essential and valuable supplementation of a healthy daily diet, but it is also an addition.

Drinking vegetable and fruit juices are very beneficial to your health. It provides the organism with valuable components, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the proper functioning of your whole body. Furthermore, when struggling with some diseases, drinking fresh juices can support the healing process and complete the missing elements you did not deliver to your organism during the meal.

Let’s get back to the question:

When is the perfect time to drink freshly squeezed juice?

When fruit juices are your favourite ones, you should make and drink them in the first half of a day, until o’clock. The perfect situation is when you drink the fresh juice 20 minutes before a meal or two hours after it. In that case, the digestion process is not disturbed.

Vegetable juices, like beetroot juice, can be and even should be drunk before breakfast. The absorption of the valuable nutrients, in that case, is increased to maximum. You should remember to wait two hours after making it and then drink it. It is very important because beet juice can not be drunk right after juicing like it is with most fruits and vegetables.

To the list of juices we can drink in the morning as a booster of energy and the perfect start of a day, we can add all kinds of green juices, beet juice, celery juice and citrus juices.

Like orange or apple juice, acidic juices should not be consumed in the evening, just before bedtime. The reason for that is it can irritate your stomach and cause reflux. The sugar level in citrus juices is also not helpful for those who want to have a peaceful sleep. It works on the opposite. Instead of calmness, it leaves you with energy.

Tip: As an addition to your diet, juices can be treated like a healthy snack between the meals.

Juicing on an empty stomach

You can drink juices on an empty stomach, but you should be careful not to irritate it. Citrus juices, for example, orange juice, is high in sugar. It is recommended not to have products high in sugar (in that case, fructose) on an empty stomach. Because of that, the perfect time to drink orange juice is after breakfast.

How to make fresh juice at home?

There are a few ways of making juice at home. It all depends on your needs and the items you have at home.

The best way of making homemade juice is to use the masticating juicer. The masticating process is slow and does not heat the juice. That is the reason why it keeps most of the nutrient components in it. Masticating juicer also minimizes the oxidation process.

If you are more patient and have some additional time in the morning, you can squeeze the citrus fruits or fresh pomegranate with a manual juicer. Hand squeezing also keeps most of the nutrient value of the fruits. Ihe only condition is that it demands some muscle strength from a user.

The centrifugal juicer makes the juice very quick, but it heats juiced products. That is why the nutrient value of the juice is a bit lower than when using masticating juicer or a manual one. The juice you get is pulpless and very clear, which can be advantageous for those who don’t like more dense juices.


Juices are a great addition to a healthy balanced diet, but remember that you can not replace the meal with it. The perfect time for drinking fresh juices is in the first half of a day. Most fruit and vegetable juices can be consumed before a first meal.

Mix the ingredients and try to include more vegetables in your juice. Add fruits just to improve the taste of it.

Good luck and enjoy juicing!

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