Top 10 AI Music lyric Generator in 2021 Review

Do you want to be a lyric writer or a singer? If you have practiced it, you may already know that writing lyrics has never been easy. But don’t worry now. There is a song lyric generator.

If you want to make your lyrics like a pro songwriter, then a song lyric generator is an excellent choice to ease your work. You can get more inspiration from them to create a song. You can also sing in your way with AI music and lyric generator when you are stuck at your home or spending leisure time.

Which are the top 10 lyric generators in 2021?

Lyrics generator is a convenient tool, and it helps you to create a lyric automatically. Do you want to try the AI music generator and want to create your music? But many lyrics generators through AI are present on the internet, and here we will tell you about the most convenient, valuable, and powerful music generators based on their functions, speed, and interface.

1. com

There are 40 intelligence functions in the boredhumans.com song generator. It is one of the best lyric generators. The mechanism of this generator is based on machine learning. It generates music from its database, which is full of thousands of lyrics. All you have to do is to click on “Generate Lyrics.”

The lyrics will be generated in not more than 10 seconds and will be unique lyrics. It doesn’t create any copy or a lyric that already exists. It is free and easy to use. But the only inconvenience is it doesn’t have the support of choosing themes.

2. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

It is a valuable and straightforward lyric generator. It helps to generate lyrics by its neural network quickly. You have to type the song’s topic you want to listen to, genre, and mood. After the AI music is created, you can download the song for free.

You can customize your song, topic, genre, etc. It is free and effortless to use. But the only downside of this website is it shows an ad.

3. Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator is a fantastic tool for creating your content like a song, poem. This generator comes with more genres than the others. Unlike others, this website allows you to create lyrics in your style.

Masterpiece generator is also helpful in generating AI raps lyrics. It focuses on the topic of perfect rhythm to writing a lyric for you. This service is free to use. You can customize lyrics as you like.

The downside is that the Masterpiece generator interface is not as user-friendly as others. Sometimes it generates parodies of others’ work.

4. com

Lyrics.com is an intelligent and web-based lyric maker. It allows creating lyrics in few seconds. Here you can choose your genres. There is no option to type the lyric you want, but you can choose one from the lyrics available on their website. Then you can shuffle there to find the one you like.

Though it is not fully AI-generated, it is super easy. The unique thing is that you can add a picture with the lyrics to look is impressive. It is also very fast in speed.

5. Mathi Gatti Lyric generator

You can quickly generate a lyric on an AI model by Mathi Gatti Lyric generator. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to create a lyric. You have to enter a keyword of the kind you want and define the creativity level. Then with just one click, you can generate a lyric that you might need hours to create.

Mathi Gatti is a free lyric generator. It generates a song based on the keyword in few minutes. It also reduces the repetitiveness in the lyrics. The interface is also user-friendly.

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