Top 5 Destinations to Check Out for Your Awaited Grad Trips

Schoolies is the week-long celebration of the end of final year exams of year 12 students. So essentially, they are like a graduation trip that needs to include all the fun you may have missed out on, lifelong memories, and experiences you’ll cherish. Various places in and around Australia offer fantastic deals and activities for these trips. Moreover, many destinations even organise parties and arrange water sports for students to enjoy, for example, Fiji schoolies, Byron bay schoolies, Bali schoolies, etc. And with so many floating options, choosing destinations for your grad trip is often confusing. So, here’s a list of the top 5 destinations that you should check out for your grand grad trip:

  • Hawaii

If you and your friends love an excellent beachside party, enjoy nature hikes and fall in love with different cultures, Hawaii is the best place for your grad trip. Hawaii is known for being a safe option in terms of travel, as the people around are accommodating and understanding. Now, what to expect from Hawaii? Well, it offers you a nature hike to an active volcano. It helps you loosen up a bit with the Hula shows that include heat, drums, beat, and a lot of fun. Surfing lessons and other activities that help you tick off things that might have stayed on your bucket list for a long time are also some things Hawaii can offer.

  • Bali

People looking to escape the Australian city hustle and bustle often choose Bali. Bali offers you peace, serenity, and parties all in one go. With a vast exposure to culture, architecture, yoga lessons, and weekend parties, Bali has become the new international destination for schoolies. And with only a short international flight away, it brings you to an island with Instagram-worthy waterfalls and beaches.  

  • Japan

For somebody looking for something apart from the poolside parties and theme-type parties at nightclubs, Japan can prove to be the final stop. So if you and your friends want to make your grad trip meaningful by travelling and exploring different parts of the world, this is the place for you. It offers a world of robots, beautiful city lights in Tokyo, ski resorts to enjoy snowboarding, and Japanese hot springs with snow monkeys.

  • Byron Bay

Looking for an ideal spot within Australia? Byron Bay offers the best accommodations and every element that a memorable grad trip demands. From freedom to memories to perfect weather, it has it all! 

Byron Bay is known for its beautiful scenic beaches and the relaxed atmosphere it offers. Besides, the nightlife and experiences at Byron Bay make it the go-to destination for students in New South Wales.

  • Fiji

Fiji grad trips have become a favourite with students worldwide. With white sand beaches and mesmerising sunsets, Fiji schoolies top the list of every adventurous student. It offers activities like paragliding, surfing, diving, and snorkelling. With this, you can also enjoy hikes at the national heritage park and do river rafting with your friends. Zipline at KULA wild adventure park has also been a tourist attraction that you should check out.

With the 12-year journey of school coming to an end, make sure to enjoy it with your friends and live every moment of it. Also, don’t forget to take pictures so that they become memories that you’ll cherish forever. So, choose your destinations after reading everything about it and travel safely. 

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