Top 5 Marvelous Business successful Restaurants

The restaurant is the most favourite place for food lovers. Food lover used to go to the restaurant regularly. People enjoy the environment of the restaurant with their family and friends.  People operate Restaurants for various purposes; Many hold eventful meetings on restaurants, and restaurants are a great place to reunite with old friends. The environment of some of the restaurants are attractive and pleasant and can easily attract the attention of the customers. For this, they are business successful.

Let’s look at some of the most business successful restaurants in the world.


Sublimotion is the world’s most expensive restaurant, and it costs one person US$2,000 here. This beautiful restaurant is in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza, Spain. Paco Ronacero is its head chef, and It’s a six years old restaurant opened in 2014. 


Per Se is a 16years old restaurant opened in 2004. Content on ‘s social trading platform is generated by the members of its community and does not contain advice or recommendations by or on behalf of NAGA. This marvellous restaurant is in New York, USA. New American and French type foods are available here. Thomas Keller is the Owner and Head chef of this restaurant. One has to pay US$685 to have dinner in Per Se.

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Masa is a Japanese restaurant that opened in 2004, 16 years ago. Masa Takayama is the Owner and Chef of this restaurant. Japanese and sushi type of foods is available here. It’s an expensive restaurant with US$595 per head costs.


De Ville is in Paris, France. Paris is an expensive city, and there are a lot f expensive restaurants in it, and De Ville is one of them. One has to spend US$415 per head for having dinner in it. 


Maison Pic is in Valence, Drome, France with 16 rooms and five suites; It’s a 131 years old restaurant. Maison Pic is an expensive restaurant with US$445 per head costs.

Restaurants are commonplace for people, and it would be wise to take it as a business.

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