Types of Concrete Truck Mixers Used in Construction

Back in the day, concrete mixing and hauling are done by manual labor. Today, gone are the days of using a wheelbarrow thanks to numerous machinery available in the market specifically for handling concrete. Although there are still projects that use manual labor in hauling, they are typically small-scale projects such as residential or minor repair and renovation works. Among them are Concrete Mixer Trucks, which we can see in almost all medium to large-scale projects. Here are the types of concrete mixer trucks in detail:

1. Standard Concrete Mixer Truck

Especially for projects that require a massive amount of concrete, contractors usually order from concrete suppliers that produce concrete in batching plants. Once the ready-mix concrete is ready for delivery, it is loaded into Standard Concrete Mixer Trucks. The only purpose of this type of truck is to transport ready-mix concrete from remote batching plants to project sites to be hauled by crew members upon delivery.

2. Concrete Pump Truck

As its name suggests, a concrete pump truck is a concrete mixer truck that also can pump concrete. This type of truck is very efficient since it saves the user time from setting up equipment and allows users to save money on labor since it cuts down up to 50% of the effort required for the concreting job. Especially for more significant projects, using a Concrete Pump Truck will save you a lot of money.

3.Volumetric Concrete Truck 

Similar to a mobile batching plant, a Volumetric Concrete Truck can produce ready-mix concrete on-site. It is very easy to transport and easy to relocate once already on the project site. The only difference it has from a mobile batching plant is that it can store excess raw materials by precisely measuring how much concrete is needed and when it is needed, meaning it generates fewer materials waste. For some concrete suppliers, they have the option to ask clients to pay for only the amount of concrete used and not the whole supply that it’s carrying.

4. Rough Terrain Concrete Trucks

This type of Concrete truck is specially designed to pass through rough terrains, making it ideal for projects in rural or remote areas that do not have easy access, thanks to its 4×4 wheel drive capability. Rough Terrain Concrete Trucks also can mix and transport huge volumes of concrete with ease, even when passing through steep or inclined roads.

The fact that there are so many types of mixer trucks to choose from is a testament that the construction industry is advancing in terms of technology. Although the number of choices has made selecting the perfect kind of Concrete Mixer Truck for your project confusing, the decision depends significantly on the location of your project site and the amount of concrete you need to transport. If you are looking to invest in your mixer truck, you might want to weigh your options since this type of machinery carefully does not come cheap, even if you are procuring a used unit.

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