Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Atlanta

Are any older adults in your vicinity being abused by their caretakers? Sadly, many senior residents are abused by their caretakers in different forms, sometimes leading to severe injuries or death. The top injury lawyer in Atlanta can guide you if you want to file a case against any such scenario. This blog will discuss types of nursing home abuse and neglect in Atlanta. 

Physical Abuse

It is one of the most common types of abuse. When the resident is kicked, punched, or slapped, causing them injuries or bodily harm. Even restraining with straps or ties also falls under this category of abuse. Common signs of abuse include broken bones, concussion signs, bruises, and bleeding. It can lead to lifelong injuries or death.

Emotional Abuse

¬†Most commonly known as psychological or verbal abuse. It can have severe implications for residents’ mental health. Insulting the appearance or intelligence of the elders, preventing them from meeting their families, name-calling, controlling their day-to-day activities, and giving them threats are part of emotional abuse. This behavior impairs their mental health leading to depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Nursing Home Neglect

Many of you must be confusing abuse with neglect, but they are different. Neglect is due to carelessness in providing proper care to the elders and neglecting residents’ hygiene, inadequate diet, failure to report their injuries to doctors, ignoring their complaints, and making medication errors fall under nursing neglect.

Sexual Abuse

It must be shocking to hear, but this is true. Sexual abuse happens majorly with physically disabled residents. Non-consensual sexual acts can give them physical and mental trauma. Symptoms like bruises and scratches around the genital parts are pretty common.

Financial Abuse

Stealing from a resident like misusing their power of attorney is commonly seen. Stealing their money, bank statements, assessing their funds without their permission are also common financial abuses.

Elder Abandonment

When the caretaker leaves the resident who can not look after himself alone, they leave him hungry or thirsty for hours. In some cases, the nursing staff even kicks them out of the nursing home and leaves them wandering on the streets alone.


Nursing home abuse and neglect are increasing day by day. Such cases should be reported, and you can even seek advice from A top personal injury lawyer. If a resident wants to report neglect, he can directly approach the court too.

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