Types of Rakes that You Must Have at Home

Most people will imagine a garden when they think of rakes. This is not surprising because most homeowners with lawns have one or two types of garden rakes to help them eliminate leaves and keep their lawns tidy and neat. However, there are other rakes out there that are not for garden use. You may be surprised when you type ‘Rakes Online’ in Google and find rakes that you have not seen before. Here is a list of the different types of rakes and their uses.

Leaf Rake. This type of rake is probably what most people are accustomed to. As its name suggests, the leaf rake is used to gather fallen leaves and is mostly used during autumn when trees begin to shed their leaves. The tines attached to this type of rake are long and narrow and are spaced evenly to gather as many leaves and trash without damaging the lawn.

Bow Rake. The bow rake has shorter and thicker tines than the leaf rake. The bow rake is also more robust and is used to break up, level, or move soil. Most often than not, the bow rake is used to aerate the soil before planting.

Shrub Rake. The shrub rake looks similar to the leaf rake; however, it is more flexible and narrower. Shrub rakes may also be used to gather leaves and light materials; however, you can use them to gather leaves between and underneath shrubbery because of their narrower design.

Thatch Rake. The thatch rake is intimidating-looking because it has blades on both sides of its head. The blades are used to cut through thatch which is a layer of straw that spreads out on your lawn and gets tangled between your grass. The thatch blade is used to break apart the thatch. After using the thatch rake, you can gather the broken thatch with your leaf rake.

Hand Rake. The hand rake is a hand-held version of the leaf rake. Hand rakes are used for small garden areas and are used to remove leaves or aerate the soil around delicate flowering plants.

The above five types of rakes are used for maintaining gardens and lawns. However, other types of rakes are used for construction and other purposes.

Concrete Rake. Concrete rakes are rakes without any tines. They have flat edges and are often used to level concrete during the concrete laying stages of building walkways or patios. Concrete rakes are made of metal and have metal heads with one side that is flat and another side that is textured. The head of the concrete rake has a slightly inward curve design to scoop up and move wet concrete before it dries. The flat edge is used to level and smoothen concrete.

Scrapers. Scrapers are different from rakes but can be seen alongside rakes when you browse at Rakes Online websites. Scrapers are tools mainly used for removing dirt, ice, paint, or other unwanted materials from a surface. Most often than not, you can use scrapers to remove materials; then use a rake to gather these loose materials.

There is no one-size-fits-all rake that you can use for all types of gardening or construction job. Therefore, it is important to determine what you need the rake for before you set out to purchase a rake from Rakes Online stores. It is also best to have one or two types of rakes in your garage or tool shed for different purposes.

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