Understanding Bone Saw Machines in Kenya

Cut through tough meat and bones. Simplify your investments to ensure sufficient returns. A bone saw machine is specially designed for cutting frozen meat and bones. Can be used to cut other hard ingredients. Widely used in food processing industries, restaurants and local butcheries. Use manual or electrical.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Bone Saw Machines

Cutting through tough meat or bones is a difficult task especially when using the ordinary knife. Bone saw machines have been developed to simplify this and keep your kitchen/working space organized. There are however some variables that must be taken into consideration before purchasing any of these machines as explained below.

Using a bone saw machine

For precision in meat size, adjust the height of the equipment to correspond to that of the meat that you’re planning to cut. Do this by sliding the plate behind the saw to determine the desired proportions. Place your meat between the pusher with a saw belt. With the use of your left hand, push the handle containing meat and feed it into the blades as the right hand operates the stop plate once the preferred thickness has been achieved.

Factors to consider when purchasing a bone saw

Bone saw machines are available in various sizes thus there is a need to determine your available space first. On the functionality factor, you will have to choose between a manual or an electrical device. Let’s look at the common factors to consider:

Electrical vs manual : Manual needs a lot of technical skills to operate smoothly as compared to electrical with several safety precautions though the latter is a bit expensive.

Size – These machines come in different sizes according to the manufacturing company. If you need it for commercial purposes particularly for the industries, choose a larger machine for efficiency. If you need to cut through small chunks of meat or bones, purchase a smaller size. Note that in most cases, the price is affected by the size and power of the equipment.

Space – Bone saw machines are available in various sizes as indicated above. When purchasing, it is good to know whether it is for small scale or commercial use and whether you need a free-standing or the top-counter one depending on the available space.

Common features of a bone saw machine

In addition to its high efficiency in energy consumption and ease of use, a bone saw machine is equipped with a front access panel for easy cleaning. It comes with a big working table with an upright design saving on room space. Its blades are sharp, stable and can be adjusted easily to the best mode even when cleaning. It has a stainless working surface with a built-in grinder for fast processing of meat and bones.

An Image of the Electrical Bone Saw Machine:

Safety measures when handling these machines

According to, never use a naked hand to push bones through the saw, make use of the meat pusher.

Turn off the device when not in use as well as before you start cleaning it. Cleaning after every use, using a damp cloth.

Keep your working area free of obstacles and avoid any distractions when using the machine such as kids.

Never put on jewelers when operating the device to reduce probabilities of accidents.


Bone saw machines are actually used to cut through various hard ingredients including pork, poultry and meat in general together with their bones. Getting one for your kitchen or industry should be necessary. I hope this review will help you make a decision on which brand to purchase and please note that the prices vary depending on the size, durability and working force.

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