UPDF- A Free PDF Annotator and Editor that Boost Your Productivity

PDFs dominate the computer business; whether you need to transmit a document over email, want to share a joke to a buddy, or want to view the PDF file of notes your instructor just emailed you, PDFs are ubiquitous.

Obviously, you need a free and open source PDF editor, but what if you had to transmit a PDF that had a mistake that had gone unchecked? You cannot send it until you remove it. Herein lies the necessity for a PDF editor.

This editing software’s best features will make your life simpler. After evaluating several PDF editing applications, we determined that UPDF was the best. UPDF is a free PDF annotator, free PDF reader, free PDF editor, free image editor, free PDF page organizer for you.

Learn What You Can Do with UPDF

UPDF is an amazing PDF editing software with numerous features, some might even consider it as the best PDF editor.

  • You can add and edit text to PDF document

When you are working with PDF documents, you found that it is hard to find a proper software to edit the PDF document. There is Adobe Acrobat which allows you to edit PDF document, however, we can’t afford it and we hope that there will be a free PDF editor for us to use. This is why UPDF born to save you. It is free to edit the text and images on a PDF document.

You can add text to your PDF document as you are adding text to a word document. The texts on your PDF documents can also be edit and modified if you found that there is some mistakes. UPDF can help you do this task easily.

UPDF also allows you to add image to PDF and edit image on a PDF document. If you found that the image on your PDF document is too big and you want to crop it, you can use UPDF to help you. With UPDF, you can add image, crop image, replace image, extract image from PDF document. It is really great for you to use. Besides, cropping PDF is available with UPDF too.

  • Multiple Reading Modes and Various Annotation Tools

UPDF is not only a standard PDF editor; for a realistic and seamless experience, it has a magnification tool that enables the user to magnify the text in any manner he desires.

You may quickly add a bookmark to return to a certain PDF page. This PDF editor enables for seamless page navigation while dealing with numerous PDF pages.

You may employ the search function to swiftly go to the appropriate pages. Additionally, PDF may be managed by rotating, removing, and printing the pages.

UPDF can help you annotate PDF document, your PDF pages may be edited, organized, annotated, and navigated. It is just necessary to use it once. Following that, you will promote UPDF to everyone.

When you want to emphasize some text, you can use the highlight tool, underline tool, strikeout tool etc. When you want to add a note to the PDF document, simply add a sticky note to a PDF document. It is also easy for you to add shapes, lines, arrows, stamps, and stickers to your PDF documents.

  • Organize and Manage Pages in PDF

The UPDF is aware that users may need to view numerous PDF pages simultaneously. Its batch processing capability enables you to have numerous PDF pages at once. You can rotate PDF easily with this free PDF organizer.

It allows us to arrange the PDF pages in accordance with our preferences. Additionally, it provides us with the ability to remove and erase unneeded PDF pages for you.

Inserting new pages, rearrange pages, replacing pages, and extracting pages from PDF document is possible with UPDF too.


  • UPDF is the industry’s most comprehensive PDF viewer, annotator, and editor.
  • It is totally free for us to use, which is really helpful for users who want to edit PDF document.
  • It supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • The user interface is beautiful and friendly.


What are you waiting for, then? Simply visit their website, get the program for free, and enjoy PDF editing with UPDF, an exceptional PDF editor!

The UPDF offers you with every possible service. Whether you need to modify files or merely view them, you may choose a UPDF reader that provides exceptional support.

The services provided by this program are completely free. All of these characteristics encourage us to give this gadget a try.

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