Ways to get BSNL Puk code

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is the name of the company. This company is a government company and largest telecommunications service company of India.

When your phone’s SIM card is locked due to entering the wrong pin code many times, you’re bound to be annoyed or angry. Users may choose to lock their SIM to secure their confidential information from anyone. In hurry sometimes people entered wrong pin code which results phone locked or sim card locked. When consumers type the wrong Pin number 3 or 4 times, the PUK code is required to start your SIM card again. You’ll discover instructions on how to get the BSNL PUK code so you can simply unlock and safeguard your SIM card.

Let’s Understand What is BSNL Puk Code?

The BSNL PUK code, which consists of eight numbers for each mobile SIM card, is the only way to get your SIM card back via the customer care, when the SIM card gets blocked or locked the mobile has been enabled and incorrect data has been entered. Personal Unblocking Key code is an eight-digit number. To unblock your SIM cards, you have to enter the PUK code after entering the wrong PIN code. This will block your sim cars and it will become now “PUK-locked” if you input the wrong PIN code too many times.

Usage of BSNL PUK code?

The BSNL PIN unblocking key (PUK; also known as the personal unlocking key) is a master security code that may be used to unlock and reset the personal identification number (PIN) on your SIM card (PIN). The PUK is unique to your SIM card so that you can have a benefit from added security

What is the BSNL default PIN code?

The default PIN code for BSNL Mobile (Prepaid and Postpaid) subscribers is 0000. It’s a good idea to alter your phone’s default PIN so no one can guess the new PIN you entered. As a result, if your SIM card is stolen, the likelihood of your data being stolen is reduced.

Ways to receive a BSNL PUK code?

  • Via SMS:

To obtain a BSNL PUK code via SMS, follow the procedures below:

1) Purchase a new phone from the same provider.

2) As the message, type PUK>Space> your SIM number you can check back side of the sim

3) Text this message to 123 or 53733.

4) An SMS with a unique PUK code will be sent to you.

5) Enter the PUK code into the locked SIM to unlock the phone.

  • Via Phone Call:

To obtain a BSNL PUK code via phone call, follow the steps below:

1) Call the number 1503 from another BSNL phone.

2) Listen to the IVRS and choose the best option to get PUK code.

3) If you select the PUK option, you will be redirected directly to the customer care executive.

4) Now, request a PUK code.

5) Respond to any and all customer care inquiries.

6) Write your PUK code safely and enter it to unblock or unlock your sum card.

Before calling customer service, keep your SIM card in your hand as they will ask your SIM card number printed on the rear of the SIM card, as well as the cardholder’s personal details such as address proof.

Remember that you will have 10 chances to enter your sim PUK code; if you may enter the wrong PUK code any time, your SIM can be permanently blocked, and as a result you can lose your data and can’t unlock it ever.

  • Acquire BSNL PUK Code Online:

You can find PUK code and unlock your SIM card by following the below mentioned methods-If you have an online account with your network provider, you can find for your PUK code there.

On your computer, check your mobile phone setting and go to your mobile phone account and look for PUK code.


As a result, in the event of a stolen SIM card, the BSNL PUK code might be incredibly important. The methods to get BSNL PUK code has been covered in detail in the prior section.

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