Ways to reinvent your looks by experimenting with jewelry

Jewelry is an essential part of our wardrobe and has been around for centuries. No matter your age, jewelry can add grace and charm to your movements. Jewelry can add some sparkle to any look.

The simple addition of jewelry to an outfit can magically transform it from a casual look to a cocktail number! It can make the most boring and plain outfits stylish and fun! If you’re someone who has not been too much into jewelry, maybe it’s time to tap into the incredible power of jewelry and reinvent your looks. To help you, here’s how you can experiment with jewelry and spice up your outfits.

  1. Add gold to your LBD: One thing that every woman has in her wardrobe is the little black dress or LBD. However, a black outfit can get boring sometimes. To avoid the basic, add some gold jewelry pieces to your outfit. Gold and black is a combination made in heaven. You can add a stunning statement necklace, or a pair of chic earrings to lift the look. You can also add a sweet bracelet or a diamond ring to bring the look together. You can browse through various collections of diamond rings on Melorra.
  2. Frame your face with earrings: A great way to add jewelry to your everyday looks is to frame your face with earrings. And this is not just for casuals. Earrings are a great accessory to add dimension to your face and your overall look. Long-strand earrings can add elegance and a delicate charm to your look. Jeweled danglers can draw attention to your face and highlight your beautiful features.
  3. Layer your necklaces: A great way to start experimenting with necklaces is by layering them. It also brings about a fun element to your outfit. Make sure you choose necklaces with different lengths. Experiment with pieces with different colors, textures, and shapes but stick to the same kind of metal or jewelry to avoid making a mess. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure there isn’t a huge gap between your layered pieces.
  4. Add a brooch to your outfit: If you want to bring an element of high-class sophistication to your outfit, add a brooch to your look. Brooches are generally worn on the left side of the blazer or coat. However, you can always break the rule and play around with the accessory. You can place it in the collar of your turtleneck or use it as a pin for your cardigan. It’ll make your outfit chic and elegant.
  5. When in doubt, go for hoops: Hoops are the easiest way to add some bling to your look. They are handy. They look great with all hairstyles. Always keep a pair of hoops handy and you’re good to go!
  6. Make a statement: The one thing that is your armor when you want to make a statement is a great piece of jewelry. Statement jewelry pieces have a charm of their own. Whether it is a stunning choker or a pair of shoulder-grazing earrings, nothing adds drama to a look like a statement jewelry. That being said, it is important to balance the rest of the look when going for bold jewelry. Too much can easily be a recipe for disaster!

Now that you know it all, time to unleash your creativity and experiment with jewelry! There are various stores where you can buy funky fashion jewellery online in India. Make sure you try different combinations. It’ll help you to explore your style and help you figure what looks best on you.

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