Ways to Save on an Engagement Ring

Are you planning to get engaged, but are worried about how you’re going to pay for it? Do you want to spend as much as possible but still have a dream ring? It is possible to have a beautiful engagement ring, with as few as three hundred dollars, without sacrificing the quality and beauty of the diamond. You can use your creativity and explore affordable engagement rings on the Internet, including buying lab-grown diamonds and making your own engagement ring.

Use lab-grown diamonds

One of the ways to save on an engagement ring is to use lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds were created a few years ago in the laboratories of chemists and gemologists. When a diamond is created in a laboratory it takes many more resources than it would take to create one in the real world, primarily because the diamond stone will be smaller, and therefore cheaper. As more people started buying lab-grown diamonds, the price decreased and now it is affordable to many.

There are ways to save on an engagement ring shopping online, especially if you plan on making the diamond ring yourself. You may have seen these popular television shows that feature actors making unusual Jewellery to be worn by their celebrities. Some of these gems are even worth thousands of dollars! Jewellery from these shows is usually created at home by the actors or trained models who perform the creation.

Find a good place to buy 

To make your own dream ring, the first thing you need to do is find a good place to buy loose diamonds. You can look online for different retailers that offer beautiful loose diamonds. If you’re not sure how to determine a good quality diamond, you can always ask the retailer to be able to help you pick out a diamond such as Carus Jewellery. When you start looking for loose diamonds, you should also pay close attention to the cut, color, and clarity of the diamond. It’s always good to have more than one diamond that is of good quality in your engagement ring.

When choosing a style for your ring, you’ll need to consider the shape and setting of your dream ring. For a long-lasting diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant cut is popular. Square brilliant cut diamonds are also very beautiful and traditional. Oval and pear shaped diamonds are also popular as well as hearts and marquise cut diamonds for your ring.


Once you’ve decided the shape and style of your diamond, then it’s time to purchase your precious stone. Because you are looking for a diamond that lasts longer, buy a diamond with a good cut. The cut of a diamond refers to the way that light is reflected or refracted in a diamond stone. A diamond that has a brilliant or nice brilliance will be reflected in a brighter manner when light is reflected upon it, thus making the sparkle last longer. You should know that the cut is the most vital part of the diamond, and if you can afford to pay a bit more for your diamond ring, then you can’t go wrong.


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