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Would you like to learn more about web design packages? If so, then this is the post for you! We will see what exactly a web design package is and how it can help your business. We also go in depth into different types of packages that are available at Macmillan Design and their benefits.

We must first start by explaining what exactly a web design package is. When you are shopping for a designer, whether it be locally or online, you will find that many web designers offer different packages with their services. These packages can range from very basic to extremely advanced and this article will help you decide which ones are best for your company.

Package 1 – Standard Package

This package offers everything that your average small to medium size business needs in one price. It includes an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) so that the content of the site is easily editable by the client, usually at no extra cost! This is great because clients can always change things themselves without having to wait for someone else to do it.

It also includes a landing page, about us page, contact page, blog, social media integration and ecommerce. In other words all the components of a professionally designed website.

As you can see from the following image, this package is great for any small business owner who wants to get online but doesn’t need anything too fancy yet. But if your company needs more bells and whistles don’t worry because we have plenty of web design packages that will suit you!

Package 2- Standard plus Package

This package adds additional features such as a login section for registered users to access their account information through the site while keeping the rest of it open for general public use. It gives companies a way to show off things like past projects while creating an exclusive feel for clients at the same time. Another great feature of this web design package is the addition of a custom designed logo and brand identity template which can be used for marketing or letterheads. It also comes with a whole set of business cards so that your company will have a consistent look and feel across all print materials!

This is a great upgrade from our Standard Package because it includes everything in the previous one but gives you much more flexibility to take your business to that next level. As you can see from the following image, this upgraded package provides all the necessary items needed to give companies an easy-to-use CMS along with tools such as blog integration, login access and ecommerce features among other things. In other words, businesses receive all the important components they need to get online and succeed!

Package 3 – Standard Pro Package

This package is designed for companies that are ready to expand their market share by reaching out to potential customers across the country. It includes all of the features from our previous packages but offers more flexibility when it comes to attracting new leads. A few examples are a customizable map showing how your business can be conveniently located near prospective clients. An appointment calendar so that users can book time with you at the click of a button instead of calling you or emailing you, contact forms to make communication easier overall. Google Analytics for tracking your site’s stats daily and even custom call-to-action buttons on your blog posts so that visitors know exactly what they should do next! Another thing I should mention is that this package includes a Premium Support Guarantee which can be seen on the following image:

On top of raising your company’s profile, another added benefit of having such a website is increased ROI (return on investment) due to the fact that customers will not only remember visiting your website but will also return again for future business.

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