Weird facts in science that your child will enjoy

Does your kid love science? Do you want to make learning science fun? Then here is an article for you. I have carried out research and combined a list of facts that are mind-blowing and fun. I am sure your child has never come across them before, which will make them more interesting and fun. The facts, crafted by science assignment help, are a hundred percent true.

  • Your sneeze moves at a speed of up to a hundred miles per hour. It is faster than the pace of a cheetah that is approximately eight miles per hour.
  • Scientists say that in Jupiter and Saturn, it rains gold.
  • Cloud can reach one million pounds of weight.
  • Rats giggle when tickled, however, let out a slight giggle which human ears do not apprehend. They also skip for joy.
  • Snails have about a thousand teeth.
  • Penguin pee makes up three percent ice content of the Antarctica.
  • Turtles breathe using their butt when hibernating.
  • Cats do not taste sweet stuff.
  • The width of the sun is a hundred times bigger than earths,.
  • The heart of a shrimp is located on its head.
  • Shark teeth are sharper than human teeth, but human teeth are stronger than shark teeth.
  • In addition to a human having unique fingerprints, they have unique tongue prints too. Fascinating!
  • Wombats produce dropping that is cube-shaped. The droppings resemble loaves of bread that are freshly baked.
  • The moon does not have any wind.
  • Within seven hours, African elephants can poop enough dung to outweigh the weight of a fully grown human being.
  • While we are on the topic of elephant dung, it would not hurt to throw in another fact about their poop. There is a coffee called elephant dung which is a thing. The coffee is also said to be very expensive, in the category of brew, it is said to be the most expensive in the world.

The elephant is feed with coffee beans, they chew them, swallow them, and then poop them. They are then picked out of the dung and washed. The beans are then roasted, and then the output is usually a chocolate-tasting coffee with malt cherry spiced up by a grass taste. The coffee also lacks the bitter taste left on the mouth when you take coffee.

  • Anatidaephobia is referred to as the phobia of somehow, somewhere a duck has got their eyes on you.
  • The blood of an octopus is blue.
  • Polar bears have black skin.
  • Lightning bolts are hotter than the sun, by five times!
  • An average person will actively take sufficient steps in their entire life to circle the globe on foot, five times.
  • The ratio of ants to humans is one million is to one respectively.
  • Fish cough.
  • In space, you can burp. Due to the gravity difference, when you burp, you puke inside your mouth.
  • Frogs do not vomit. They can, however, burp their whole stomach out.


If you want to spice up your study time, throw in some of these facts. They will not only wow the child, but they can help the child grasp concepts for a longer time.

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