WestStein Prepaid Travel Mastercard

What could be better than a vacation abroad? Whether it’s an azure beach or the loud streets of European capitals, everywhere the tourist seeks to leave his hard-earned money. It is for such purposes that the WestStein prepaid Mastercard is needed. For travel, it is suitable for literally every person, especially if he keeps personal savings in euros. In this article, WestStein financial institution experts will talk about how to order a Mastercard prepaid card, as well as consider its key features.

WestStein Prepaid Card: What you need to know about it

A trip abroad requires careful preparation, from the financial side as well. The WestStein card is an excellent travel solution due to its versatile functionality, adaptability and loyal conditions.

At the same time, it is extremely simple to issue a virtual card and receive it after ten working days. The client should register on our website, enter his data in the lines of the registration form, verify and wait for a response. After passing the verification, the consumer will have access to his personal account. As you may have guessed, there is no payment required for issuing a card, and a free online account is available immediately after verifying your identity.

The best bank cards for travel

Some clients doubt which card to choose for the voyage. The main thing in this matter is the aspect of security. Therefore, digital cards are an ideal option, because they cannot be lost, damaged, and it is also much harder to steal funds and confidential information from them.

Also, cards from our service are equipped with the Mastercard 3D Secure system for an additional level of protection. Your secure online account will not be at risk if you follow these basic rules:

do not transfer the card to third parties;
do not distribute personal information (details, PIN code, expiration dates, CVC2 code);
use serviceable terminals that do not show signs of any outside interference.

During the trip, you should also take care of cash, so it is recommended to find out in advance whether there are suitable ATMs in the country where you are going. You should also clarify the amount of the commission for cashing out, the current exchange rate and find out if it is possible to make cashless payments there in stores, gas stations, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

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