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Which part of the civilised world humans inhabit their needs are common. Many years ago, the basic requirements were Food, Medicine and Shelter. During these times people were confined to communities. These were known as villages. Their needs were also fulfilled in these villages. Living was basic. The villager people of the village were a closely knit community.

Everyone knew each other well since at an end of a hard-working day mostly out in the fields, all of them get to gather over food and a drink. They chat and may sing song to relax themselves along with their families. The food and drink preparations were shared by all of them. As years passed by with the increasing of human population and many new industries coming about the village community began to expand. Cities came to stay. These cities were with commercial shops selling many items and also service providing centres like laundries and health care. With all the new industries relating to various products and services coming up many openings for jobs in these sectors arose.

The previous village communities spread its wings to get engaged in these industries. Within each of these industries its workers became specialised in that industry. With fix working hours and the jobs becoming more professional people were left with little time at the end of a working day. Since the job became professional, they didn’t enjoy the whole lot of freedom to engage themselves in personal activities after working times like their ancestors did at the end of a day. This meant they had to find alternative ways to bring that much needed relaxation to keep their lives balanced physically and mentally.

We all got to be grateful in no uncertain terms for the introduction of TV to the world. It’s service to people is so great that to put a value is impossible. No surprise that TV is rated as the most top of the list device most popular and widely used all over the world. No limitation tender aged kids, youth, the elderly, males, females, poor, rich, wherever they live in or even whilst on sick bed people watch TV. To cater to such a wide clientele is the TV station WE TV.

About WeTV App

WETV offers the best selection in international programmes relating to any sphere be it the most current updated News of the world in general, Movies, Sports, Musical, Documentary, Animation you name it and WE TV will have on offer.

With WE TV tune in to your favourite program either by yourself or with your family and friends selecting any programme offered from of the widest range possible. Then relax and enjoy the quality entertainment at its best because We TV indeed offers you with the best content.

Watch Asian and Local Dramas on TV

There are not many free streaming applications for TV boxes to watch Dramas. Especially Asian dramas. You can use this application on Fire TV and Android TV to watch all your favourite Asian dramas and local dramas for free. If you are unbale to install this application using default app store, then use AppLinked or FileSynced.

AppLinked and FileSynced are the largest Android TV app stores that has free Movies, TV Shows, sports and dramas. Apps and games on those app stores are maintained by TV users all around the world. You can access any store within those apps to find apps you are looking.

I personally use Isaimini Movies for downloading Tamil and Telegu movies for free.

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